How to disable screen lock on Android phones

Would you like to quickly access the home screen of your smartphone and/or tablet with the Google mobile operating system but you do not remember how to remove the PIN or password request? In this guide today we will explain in detail how to remove the screen lock on Android by following a few simple steps.


Since almost all Android device manufacturers apply a custom user interface, the steps we’re going to propose in the next few lines may differ from model to model. We will try, however, to be as precise as possible.

How to remove the screen lock on Android

Let’s see what are the steps to remove the screen lock on Android:

  • The first step to follow is to access the settings of your smartphone or tablet. To do this, press the gear icon on the home screen, in the app drawer or by pulling down the notification drop-down.
  • In the next step, locate the Security & LocationsScreen Lock, or Privacy & Security item and set Swipe or None as the device unlock method. Often these items are located within a sub-menu called Choose screen lock type. If available, we recommend that you use the search field on the main Settings screen.
  • Complete the operation by entering the PIN or unlock password that you normally use to access the Android home screen.

If you can not remove the unlock PIN or password on your device, then it means that you use an alternative solution to access it. In fact, several models of the latest generation offer other methods of protection: face scanningiris recognisation and Fingerprint Reader. These can be deactivated by always following the path indicated a little while ago, but by moving the switch of the relative items that are usually found in the Biometric section to OFF.

If you are looking for a quick and safe solution to quickly access the main screen of your smartphone or tablet but being a little ‘more relaxed, then we suggest you enable the release by Pattern. The item is always within the Security Settings and is often also indicated with the word Pattern.

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