How to disable screen lock on iPhone and iPad

Would you like to quickly access the iOS home screen of your iDevice but do not know how to remove the PIN request or disable the unlocking method set? In this guide we will talk in depth about how to remove the screen lock on iPhone and iPad .


Since both the iPhone and the tablet series have the same operating system (ie iOS ), the steps that we will propose in the next lines are practically the same. This means that you will not be wrong. Furthermore, it should be noted that Apple devices offer different unlocking modes ranging from the common PIN to the more modern Face ID, the unlocking solution through facial recognition.

How to remove the screen lock on iPhone and iPad

After the brief introduction, we are now ready to find out how to disable the unlock request every time you want to access the main iOS screen.

Let’s see the steps to follow:

  • From the home screen of your iPhone or iPad, tap the gear icon to access the Settings.
  • In the next step, press on Touch ID and Passcode or Face ID and Passcode (if you have a smartphone starting from the iPhone X or a tablet starting from iPad Pro 11 2018).
  • After entering the PIN you use to unlock the iDevice, scroll the screen and press Disable PassCode.
  • At this point, to confirm the deactivation of the PIN request, simply click on Disable from the message that appears Do you want to deactivate the Passcode?. From this moment on you can access your iPhone or iPad by performing a simple swipe from bottom to top after awakening the screen.

In case of change of mind, you can activate the PIN request again by pressing the Enable Passcode that you always find in Settings > Touch ID and Passcode or Face ID and Passcode.

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