How to use Apple Music on your PC (without iTunes)

Who uses Apple Music as the main streaming service, knows that some limitations, such as the absence of a web interface, are boring. To listen, you must have the iPhone (especially your battery) or install iTunes to play the songs. Fortunately, the site solves this problem and does not charge anything.

One of the main advantages of having a web version of Apple Music is to play songs on the computer you use frequently, such as at work, without exhausting the iPhone battery and to access playlists from anywhere on any device.

How to use Apple Music on your PC

  1. Open your favorite browser;
  2. Visit the site;
  3. Sign in to your Apple Music account.

It’s that simple, and works with an interface identical to the original Apple Music. The competitors – Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music and even the old Google Play Music – already offered an official web interface. The solution is missing for Apple.

Speaking of Apple, there is a warning that it is not an official service. also guarantees that they do not access, collect, or store personal login data or any other information. This is an open source project that uses Apple’s MusicKit JS to create a simple but effective web interface for Apple Music. You can access your account, library, and personalized recommendations.

When you click on an album or playlist, you see the songs in a floating window, allowing you to stay on the same page while browsing the tracks you want to listen to. Note that if you are not Apple Music subscribers, you can only listen to 30 seconds.

More details on the Mushit GitHub project.

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