How to fix Samsung Galaxy constantly restarts / rebooting and crashes

Have you purchased a Samsung Galaxy device and have you encountered problems with rebooting and freezing? Here in this guide, we will try to solve the problems of restarting and crashing the Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung is one of the few major players in the smartphone industry. Samsung technology giant has a huge reputation in making devices that its customers want. They update their devices often showing constant support for the customers they are dealing with. Samsung invests a huge amount of money in research and development.

The company tries to introduce new technologies before any other manufacturer. Recently Samsung unveiled its new flagship phone which is the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +. He showed that the hype is real, the new Samsung device is almost perfect. Nobody had much to complain about the device. This shows that the Samsung brand continues to build its name and reputation in the smartphone market.

Samsung is so successful due to multiple factors. One of the main factors that make Samsung unique is the range of devices that are found on the market. There are phones that are accessible to anyone along with those super premiums that provide all the luxuries that a phone can provide. This helps the brand reach every level of customers and support them. Moreover, this facilitates the sale of the device in every corner of the world.

Although Samsung tests its devices a lot before releasing them to the public, often something escapes and even more often the fault is ours if something bad happens to our smartphone. In this article, we will look at how to fix if your Samsung phone or tablet restarts randomly or stops without rebooting. Go on.

My Galaxy crashes and restarts How to solve

  1. Restart the device When your Samsung phone freezes, the first thing to do is restart your device, it seems trivial, but this operation solves more than 50% of the problems.
  2. Restart in safe mode Third-party applications may not work properly and cause your Samsung to restart or lock. Safe mode prevents third-party applications from functioning, so if the device works properly when used in safe mode, it will delete recently downloaded applications. To restart in safe mode, make sure the device is turned off, turn on the device normally using the Power side button, immediately after powering up keep the VOLUME DOWN button pressed until the unlock screen appears.
  3. Clear the system cache. The apps create temporary files called caches, so this could build up and cause the phone to hang. To clear the cache, turn off the device> press and hold the power button, the home button (bixby), and the volume down key. Click the volume down button to browse through the list and select wipe cache partition. Restart the system after completing the procedure.
  4. Hard reset of your Samsung Galaxy. This step will delete all data stored on the device. Then back up the data before resetting the device. To do this, go to settings> backup and restore> factory reset.

If still, the Galaxy hangs and reboots you need to take it to an authorized Samsung service center.


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