Increase wifi network signal strength in Samsung Galaxy

How to improve the reception of signal on your Galaxy. Is the signal weak on your Android device? The signal does not take well in some areas? Did you buy a Samsung Galaxy device and you found problems with the network signal? Here in this guide, we will try to boost the reception of the network signal on your Galaxy.

The phones are designed for communication. The uses of the phones have evolved with the progress of technology. We now use smartphones for various functions. The means of communication between society have evolved. Now we use social media to interact with people. People are expected to use smartphones or smart devices to communicate with each other over real physical interactions.

Devices with advanced features and high-speed Internet connectivity act as catalysts for the growth of advanced human interactions. Samsung is one of the few technology giants on the market. Samsung is one of the temples of smartphone technologies. They invest a lot of time and money in developing new technologies for the market. Devices are made to be smart.

Smartphones are smart thanks to their features and tailor-made applications. Smartphones come alive when they are connected to the Internet. Although Samsung produces the best devices on the market, it is not perfect If the phone can not access data services or the cellular network, the phone is nothing more than a simple device for the game. If you are one of the users who find the weak signal or network problems lost on your Samsung device, read on below.

How to improve network signal strength in Samsung Galaxy

  1. The signal may be weak compared to the area where you are using your smartphone. Because there may be huge attenuation factors such as buildings or trees blocking the network signal, which results in poor signal reception, so it is recommended to move to improve signal reception.
  2. The problem may be with the phone cover you are using. This is because smartphones are becoming more expensive, in order to protect them from scratches or breakages, rigid covers are used. Therefore, it could block the signal by not allowing it to reach your device. Remove the cover and check if the problem has been solved.
  3. Upload your phone. If the battery is almost empty, the phones are programmed to reduce power consumption (Power Save Mode), which may affect the reception of the signal on the Samsung Galaxy device.
  4. Identify the location of the nearest antenna. The reason may be that there are no antennas nearby. To locate the towers, you can check the signal strength using the icon in the upper right corner of the Samsung Galaxy device. The bars indicate the signal strength. Move from where you are to get a stronger signal.
  5. Activate airplane mode. To do this, roll down the notification bar and click on the airplane icon. Then wait at least 20 seconds and switch it on again. This updates the connections.
  6. Restart the device. Restarting the device, update all connection settings and if there are problems with the firmware, this is also solved.
  7. Hard reset of the device. This deletes all data and settings saved on the device, so all data must be backed up before recovery. To do this, go to settings> backup and restore> factory reset.

There are various applications that help increase the signal strength of your mobile phone. Downloading a signal map is too much for your smartphone, so it’s best to know the direction of the tower nearest you in order to get better coverage.

Open Signal is one of the best applications that takes care of your network connections. Open Signal is located near free Wi-Fi hotspots, allows you to map the cellular coverage and thanks to a signal compass, it also indicates which direction the signals are coming from.

If the problem persists, the phone must be sent for repair at an authorized Samsung service center.

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