Instagram, comes with the function “You do not have new content to see”. From today Instagram will notify us when we see all the recent posts

Instagram “You do not have new content to see”

Great news still come from Instagram, the most popular social photo sharing network, used and in vogue of the moment.

In recent days, in fact,  Instagram has launched a new feature, announced for some time, which lets you know when we have seen all the posts (photos and videos) published by the users we follow.

This function is called “You do not have new content to see” and in this article, we will go to know it in detail.

“You do not have new content to see”: what does it mean?

As anticipated, this is a new feature just launched by Instagram that lets you know when we have finished viewing all the posts in our feed for the last 2 days.

In practice, scrolling through the feed, once the last photo is displayed, you will see this message:

“You do not have any new content to see. You have seen all the new posts of the last 2 days “

Once this warning is passed, all older posts will be displayed.

In this way we will be able to know when we have seen all the photos and all the videos that the users we follow have published or shared on Instagram in the last 2 days and we will be sure we have not lost anything. 

According to Instagram’s statement in a statement posted on his official blog, for users  “it may be difficult to keep track of posts displayed”  and, thanks to this feature  “you will have a better understanding of your feed and you know that you have not lost photos or videos recent”.

The functionality is now in rollout for all Instagram accounts so if you do not see it yet, be patient: slowly it will be made available to everyone.

What do you think?

A function that, personally, I do not find useful too much.

It would be much better, from my point of view, to restore the chronological order for photos and videos in the Instagram feed. This would really allow us to have a better understanding of our feed and would definitely be more useful for understanding who posted what and especially when it did.

I really can not accept that the photos and videos in my Instagram feed are chosen by an algorithm that also sucks. 

Among other things, I would like Instagram to introduce the possibility of NOT updating the feed automatically every time we reopen the program. Because of this stupid function I lost a lot of interesting photos and videos that I could never recover.

In all this, however, the developers of Instagram think only to introduce useless functions and not appreciated by anyone. Mah.

What do you think of this function?

Let us know in the comments at the end of the article what do you think of this news launched by Instagram and whether you consider it useful or not.

Good day!

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