Football Manager 2020: release date, price, news and beta

Football Manager 2020 will present many new features, especially for those who will play it on Google Stadia: that’s when it comes out, the price and the preorders of the football management program.

Football Manager 2020: release date, price, news and beta

Football Manager 2020, new chapter of the popular football simulator, is coming. The new version does not yet have an official release date, which was accompanied by the first trailer dedicated to the most beloved management game by football enthusiasts, which will always bring many new features and challenges for the players.

Football Manager 2020 stands as the ideal alternative for all the most followed sports lovers in the world, posing different challenges than the traditional FIFA 20 and PES 2020 (to be released in September). The game, which will be available for PC and for the first time on Google Stadia (in addition to the mobile version for iOS and Android), is presented as a management software that puts players on the side of a real manager of a sports club.

The most important challenge for those who play Football Manager is indeed to challenge the championship from an economic and financial point of view, to bring their team to success.

Football Manager 2020: when will it release

Despite not knowing yet the exact day of release, Football Manager 2020 has not set the debut period for November 2019 (even if Amazon identifies the release for December 31st).

The month corresponds to the same as last year, with the publication of the SEGA and Sports Interactive title released on November 2nd.

Although we do not yet have a real effective date, it is easy to assume that the title will always arrive on the shelves within the beginning of the month.

Football Manager 2020: news, game modes and price

On the new game modes, in addition to the boundless database of players perfectly aligned with the main innovations of the 2019-2020 season, there is still very little.

Among the top features, however, stands the availability of the title for Google Stadia, the streaming game service developed by Google, as announced in the official press release:

“Football Manager 2020 is the sequel to the game sales champion Football Manager 2019, which is the most sold and most played edition of the series to date on all its platforms. Nine months after its release, more than 60% of the players who bought the PC / Mac game are still playing it every month.

For the first time this year, the long series of Football Manager will also be available on a new platform: in fact Football Manager 2020 will make its debut on Google Stadia, the fastest way to dive into the series “

The presence of the title on Google Stadia will also add another novelty that will surely be appreciated by players who will choose to play it on the new platform: Football Manager on Stadia will be equipped, as stated by Studio Director Miles Jacobson, with a special technology possible only thanks to power of Google’s cloud servers. Thanks to these it will be possible to play more games having more leagues within their own rescue or speeding up the various game processes to be able to manage the games more quickly than other platforms.

The price of the stock is 49.99 USD: there is a discount for those who pre-order a copy both in physical and digital format, equal to 10% less.

To this will be added a completely playable special beta version available two weeks before the official release of the game (exactly as happened last year) but only by digital retailers approved by SEGA (the complete list is available on the official website, where it is excluded but Google Stadia). In this way, by playing the special beta, players will be able to start their careers first and then transfer them to the official game at the time of release.