Fortnite Cars: How to get Car and How they Work

Cars make their debut on Fortnite: here is when they arrive, how they work and how to have them in the game.

Cars in Fortnite

Cars arrive on Fortnite: the expected four-wheelers finally make their debut in season 3 of the Epic Games game. When they arrive and how to get them is no longer a mystery after the official release that revealed their existence alongside their potential use.

The cars on Fortnite offer an unprecedented alternative to the gameplay of the popular battle royale and after a long wait they are ready to debut in the game. Here’s what time to update and how to use the new vehicles to zoom on the map.

Fortnite auto: how to get them and when the update will release

The first details arrived thanks to a leak popped up on Twitter, which was then followed by an official post of the Epic account, where the various types of cars that we will see in the game were anticipated.

The update that will introduce them will be available from Wednesday 5 August and users will simply have to connect to the game in order to have access to the new options to be discovered.

Fortnite auto: what they are and how they work

What we know from the leak is that the cars available within the game will be 4: ValetSmallValetMediumValetLarge and DagwoodTruck.

These are different vehicles with different characteristics depending on the type: the first car will be a fast two-seater sports car with a limited capacity to resist attacks while the truck will be slower but at the same time more resistant.

The consumption of petrol and fuel also varies, as in reality, it will be necessary to use the cars: once exhausted, here are the service stations and tanks that can supply the necessary refueling to return to speed through the streets of the map. Smaller vehicles will need less fuel while larger ones will have to rely on a greater number of fluid needed to start their engines.

In short, Fortnite continues to expand its content offering by allocating a new and important mechanism that could expand the game modes in ways never done before by Epic Games.

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