Free dating sites and apps: the best to use in 2019

Within this new article today we have decided to group together what we believe to be the best free dating sites to use to meet new people and make friends.

Free dating sites: the best to use in 2019
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Among the most popular web portals we have Badoo which has been used by many users for many years to meet new people. Although it had initially placed itself on the square as a sort of social network, in the end it turned into a real dating platform.

You can chat with your favorite people, make a compatibility game by putting Like to the people you are interested in, take advantage of the radar to see the users close to your position and enrich your profile by adding different information.

Compared to the other platforms on the market, Badoo is undoubtedly the site that allows you to do so many things completely for free without necessarily buying a subscription (called Superpowers).

It is possible to register at Badoo in a very simple way by connecting to the dedicated web page and filling in the required fields (you can also use the personal Facebook account). In addition to the Web portal, the platform is available on smartphones and tablets by downloading the application for Android and iOS.


Among the best free dating sites to use we decided to include Lovepedia. It is an Internet portal widely used and appreciated by users to meet new people.

We are facing the only platform available today that is completely free and boasts of providing free services that others instead charge.

To start using it, just connect to the official website, press the Sign Up button and follow the wizard to create a new account. As seen with Badoo, in addition to the Web portal, Lovepedia can also be used on smartphones and tablets by downloading the app for Android and iOS.


Continuing with the list, many of you will surely know Tinder. This is the most used online dating site, especially for young people. In addition to this, it has been available on the square for a few years but despite this it has already managed to attract the attention of many people.

Once you have registered an account on Tinder, you will be presented with a series of people close to your position and, through the various tabs proposed, you can express an interest in a user by pressing on the green little heart (otherwise on the red X).

The platform also offers additional features that can be used by purchasing a subscription. To start using Tinder, you need to connect to the website, press the Register button and follow the wizard. If desired, you can also download the application available for Android and iOS.

Best free dating sites to use: alternatives

In addition to the solutions listed above, there are other Internet portals to consider to meet new people. Find the complete list below.


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