Common Mistakes Beginners do in Garena Game Free Fire

Free Fire is a Battle Royale of Garena available for free download for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. The goal in the game is to be the last survivor among 50 other random players on the islands of Bermuda or Purgatory. However, to get the booyah, the player must have some gameplay basics. Lacking this strategic knowledge, the beginner can be quickly and easily killed. To avoid these problems, Teknologya has gathered five common beginner errors in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire

1. Walking Running with gun in hand

Lacking the basics, many novice players walk or run with rifles, snipers or submachine guns in their hands, even at totally unnecessary times. When loading weaponry, the character automatically moves slower to move. This can make it easier for opponents to shoot long range, especially in the open. When moving, it is best to use items such as pan or stick. This is because in some cases the projectiles hit the accessories, freeing the player from damage.

2. Use equal weapons

Free Fire has slots for three types of firearms, one of them being pistol-only. Many novice players end up choosing two submachine guns or two assault rifles to compose the loot, for example. This choice of two weaponry belonging to the same category can weaken the player in some moves that require both rush and long range weapons. Balancing weapons is essential to a successful strategy; therefore, the player must choose a submachine gun (for short range) and a rifle or snipers (for long range).

3. Shoot in the open

When faced with opponents, many novice players often shoot in the open without any cover to protect themselves from possible enemy shots. This behavior can disrupt the strategy designed for departure, especially if the enemy is at a more advantageous point, such as hills and buildings, and the safe zone gas is nearby. Before shooting, the player must protect himself in trees, rocks, towers, among other possibilities and only then make the shots. If there is no nearby coverage, the player must use the gel barrier or call an airdop to serve as a cover – this must be selected prior to the start of the match.

4. Do not share items

Item sharing is essential to ensure team balance and power. Many places do not usually have enough items for all members, so it is critical to split some of them, such as gel and medical kits, to ensure victory. After allotting a certain region, many professional players often recite all items that make up their loot, as well as any remaining items that might be of interest to other team members.

5. Jump in areas of high enemy concentration

Unless the player has an advanced playing style, jumping into areas of high concentration from other players such as Clock Tower, Bimasaki Strip and Peak, for example, can speed up the team’s embezzlement. In these areas, the squad that takes advantage of the enemy is the first to parachute, as players can pick up the best weapons and accessories. Thus, the most recommended for novice players is to jump in sparsely populated regions. If using a scanner, the team should look at the number of people on the plane and the direction they are jumping.

6. Stay away from squad or duo

Another very recurring mistake among players who are still learning to play Free Fire is to stay away from squad or duo. This way, the team is lacking and opponents can take advantage of the rush. Also, should the lone player fall, it is more difficult for any team member to arrive in time to save him. Therefore, it is important to be alert at the time of the jump and to accompany other players during matches, especially if the user does not have mastery of the game.

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