How to get Key Fragments in LoL [League of Legends]

Unlike the Chests, the method of getting Keys in LoL League of Legends ) is a bit different and appears to be a bit more difficult as well. The Keys are used to open Hextec Chests of Creation, which allows players to win items that are only earned with Riot Point, the game currency purchased with real money.

How to  get Key Fragments in LoL [League of Legends]

How to get Keys in League of Legends

Keys need to be made by joining three Key Fragments. This system does not require the player to receive a grade equal to or greater than S- with a Champion to obtain the fragment, but being directly connected to the League of Legends Honor System, Launched in 2018, is related to his performance in the match.

In addition to not being penalized or banned – whether by being offline or by being aggressive and toxic to other members of the game – to gain Key Fragments, it is important to be a featured player. Otherwise, you will have to buy new lol accounts to play the game. Thus, you will receive a “compliment” representing the honor of that match.

There are three of them:

  • It kept calm: for those who held the wave of frustration and helped the team to remain calm in times of stress;
  • Great calls: for players who knew the moment to seize opportunities and were decisive in the match;
  • GG <3: for the partners who did not spare resources and did everything to keep the team alive and ahead.

Key Fragments are more closely linked to behavior. Riot Games has been paying close attention to these players, offering rewards as a way of thanking them for making LoL’s environment more enjoyable and less stressful.

These fragments are not delivered immediately after the end of a match, as with the Chests, but some time later. Riot does not confirm how long it takes for the player to receive the Key Fragment, but it is more common to arrive the next day after logging in to the client.

Keys Limit in League of Legends

The Key Fragments in LoL are not linked to the champion that the player used in the match but are still limited. The maximum number of Key Fragments that anyone can get is 12, every four weeks. That is, you can get a total of up to four Keys per month.

Nor is there a way to know how many fragments have been obtained over a period of time or how long it will take to get a close one. You can only check how many key fragments the player has in the Boolean section.

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