How to get notification whenever a contact is online on WhatsApp

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How to know when a contact is online on WhatsApp. Get notified whenever a contact is online on WhatsApp. WhatsApp online tracker working

God Mode For WhatsApp: WhatsApp online free tracker for Google Chrome

Looking for a WhatsApp online notifier? Looking for an online WhatsApp track? Would you like to receive an online WhatsApp notice? Do you want to spy on WhatsApp online? Here is the guide that’s right for you!

Today I want to point out to all the readers of Teknologya a truly exceptional program called God Mode For WhatsApp.

God Mode For WhatsApp, as you know from the name, makes you practically a God of WhatsApp in the sense that it offers secret and very interesting features, among which we find the possibility to know when a specific contact is online thanks to the sending of a notification.

But God Mode For WhatsApp offers much more, so let’s find out about the program in detail.

God Mode For WhatsApp: the features offered

I’ve been trying God Mode For WhatsApp for a few days now and I’ve learned to get to know the program, which offers very interesting features like the possibility of:

  • read and respond to WhatsApp chats from your computer (works like WhatsApp Web, but in a dedicated and easily accessible window)
  • activate the dark theme (dark mode) on WhatsApp Web to rest your eyes at night
  • Spy on WhatsApp contacts to know when they are online
  • receive a notification to know when a WhatsApp contact goes online
  • know the last access of all the contacts of WhatsApp
  • know how long a specific WhatsApp contact has been online

As you can see, it is a very powerful program that I would call spectacular!

God Mode For WhatsApp works only with Chrome

If you are interested in trying this app to receive notifications when WhatsApp contacts are online, you should know that it only works with Google Chrome.

It is in fact a free extension available for Chrome, which then works on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and other OS, but NOT on Android and iPhone. 

In the past there were apps similar to this for Android and iPhone, but at the moment I find all NOT working, so I would say that God Mode For WhatsApp is the best app to have notification of an online contact on WhatsApp. 

Where to download God Mode For WhatsApp?

If you are interested in this app, you can find it for free on the Chrome Web Store HERE.

You download in one click, you activate in one click and then you are ready to track and spy on your WhatsApp contacts to know when they are online. 

How to use God Mode For WhatsApp?

Here is the complete guide to using God Mode For WhatsApp:

Main requirement is to use Google Chrome as an internet browser on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux..indifferent).

Done this:

  • download the program for free from HERE
  • click on the WhatsApp icon that appears at the top left in Chrome
  • The WhatsApp chat window will open on your computer. You will notice that it is divided into 3 parts: on the left there are all the chats of WhatsApp, in the middle the online tracker for WhatsApp, on the right the settings of the app
  • I think there is not much to say about the chat window, since it works like WhatsApp Web without any difference. You will be able to read and reply to WhatsApp messages as you have always done
  • The “Online Tracker” central window is very interesting. It allows you to know which WhatsApp contacts are online, how long they have been online and when they were last logged in. It is a function that really allows you to spy on your WhatsApp contacts and to track their online activities in a simple, fast and automatic way.

To use this function you must:

  • click on the 3 dots at the top right of the window
  • click on “Select contacts”
  • in the window that appears, at the bottom type the name of WhatsApp contacts that you want to spy or track online and, when they appear, confirm them by clicking on “Add”  (if you want to stop spying them you can remove them by clicking on “Remove”)
  • After this, you will be able to automatically see all the most interesting information on certain WhatsApp contacts.
  • You can add as many as you want, whenever you want, and of course you can remove them (or stop spying on them) whenever you want. The app will do everything in your place, will control the accesses of WhatsApp and will keep you informed, showing you a nice summary table of all the activities of your contacts WhatsApp
  • the final window of the “Options” is also very interesting, which allows you to:

– activate the dark/dark theme (by clicking on the bat at the top right)

– choose to see the app in a pop-up window or in the internet browser (as you usually do with WhatsApp Web)

– choose whether to keep the app active in the background (recommended) or not

– choose whether to track the Online status of WhatsApp contacts and activate or not the notifications that inform you when a specific contact you are watching is online on WhatsApp. In this case, every time a contact you are spying on WhatsApp goes online you will see a notification on Google Chrome. 


We ended up with this guide on God Mode For WhatsApp. I think it is currently the best online tracker for WhatsApp.

Since it is not available for Android or iPhone, but I turned to look for programs and applications that can track and spy WhatsApp access even on smartphones and mobile, so continue to follow us not to miss all the next articles and upcoming news.

If you need directions and advice on how to best use this app for online notification WhatsApp, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.


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