4 Tips to Get more shares on social networks in 2018

In this Guide I’ll explain what to do after publishing an article on your blog to promote it and maximize visits to your website.

Do not believe that your work is finished with the drafting, layout and publication of your site. It has just begun. Think of it this way, does a company’s commitment end with the production of a product or its sale? The first without the second leads to nothing.

What to do after publishing an article on your blog?

Think Social

Today social networks are the most effective communication channel. Attended by everyone, they are the new agora. Writing ood contents can help you get many followers and you can become an influencer too. Read more about influencer marketing and you will know how you can make money with it.

If a social network managed to resuscitate an ice cream that went out of production ten years ago, imagine what you can do for the article you wrote yesterday afternoon. Share and share: on your page and on those where the link of your article can be useful and not disturbing.

To facilitate the sharing of content, use social plugins on your blog. Read what are the 10 Best Social Plugins For WordPress.

A network of bloggers

Going forward in your business you will develop contacts in your sector and in related fields. Use them to increase the popularity of your article.

Communicate to fellow bloggers that you have published a certain article that could be useful to their users or enrich their content. To think that collaboration is a counterproductive approach on the web is a serious mistake.

You can also share your article in the comments of other blogs, in response to another article or a problem that seeks an answer. This is an excellent strategy to expand your users.

Paid Facebook

Creating a successful blog will require at least small investments. The Paying on Facebook can be one of these. Today, the famous social network gives you the opportunity to promote a page to give more visibility to its contents.

There is a price list that associates different offers with a display volume of the promoted article. I suggest you try at least with moderate figures (even 4 dollars): you may discover an unexpected return.

Take advantage of your contacts

Make the article known by sending an email to all your contacts that may be interested. In other words, improvise an ad hoc newsletter to promote your article. We will see in a later lesson the importance of having a newsletter.

It’s not all though. If you attend one or more industry forums, take advantage of your reputation to share the article and receive quality visits.

Growth Hacking

This is an evolution of marketing, but not a substitute for it. In fact, Growth Hacking is defined as marketing 2.0. Growth Hacker is a person whose ultimate goal is the growth of a website or a startup, through a series of alternative techniques.

In short, it consists in using and finding alternative, new and creative channels of promotion and communication compared to those used by marketing.

Read this QuickSprout.com article on Growth Hacking.

Yahoo has the answer

If you find a question on Yahoo Answers to which your article can give an exhaustive answer, post the link. This site is often used to search for solutions to various problems and the same question receives many views over time.

Share, do not spam

The line that divides these two spheres is subtle but fundamental. Mastering the sharing without falling into spam is what distinguishes a pro from an amateur blogger.

Getting traffic to your blog is not a simple goal, especially at startup. However, it is a matter of setting in motion a mechanism that on the one hand guarantees you a recurring user base and on the other consolidates your strategic routine of sharing your contents.

Once you enter this cyclic operational order and only publish useful, practical and original content, you will see that people will start to read your articles and come back for an encore.

After all the effort you have to systematically share your articles and contents, you will certainly want to ascertain the result of your work.

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