Best Social Sharing plugins for WordPress in 2018

The social plugins for WordPress have improved enormously over the years, offering more and more integration and control.

Social networks are now the daily bread of a very large slice of users. Include them on your website to increase traffic and conversions, learn how to do it with this guide.

The social plugins for WordPress have improved enormously over the years, offering more and more integration and control.

Those who began to use them in a strategic way, immediately saw an increase in the shares of their content, visits and conversions.

Making your blog more social is the best way to reduce the barriers between you and your visitors, reducing the physical gap that inevitably exists between every blogger and its users. The more you can be “close” to your audience, the more this will widen accordingly.

In this article, I want to present the best social plugins for WordPress, which is the best choice for anyone who wants to increase their shares on all social channels, in an immediate and simple.

Here are the best social plugins for WordPress:

Here is the list of tools that we recommend to increase the spread of your content in the network in a short time.

Share Buttons by Add To Any

This plugin allows your readers to share, create bookmarks and send your blog posts via email, using any type of service such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, StubleUpon, LinkedIn and many others.

Once activated, Add To Any has a simple and effective design that interfaces perfectly with its functionality. I consider this plugin really useful for its immediacy and ease of management.


This is one of the most popular social plugin for WordPress most loved by bloggers. It works very simply: once configured, it will bring up the sharing icons on your posts and pages.

Using Shareaholic you can insert the message, now become famous in the world of blogging, “Sharing is caring” to give more visibility to social links and invite readers to share your posts.

Furthermore, this tool shows how many times your post has been shared. This feature really helps you monitor the actual conversion capacity of your content.

Social Login

Social Login is a tool that allows your users to register, login and comment through their social accounts.

A very interesting aspect of this tool is its compatibility with BuddyPress, a very professional tool to build your own online community, obviously on a platform built with WordPress. Flexible and immediate, with useful features for those who want to increase their presence on social networks.

Social Media Feather

This social plugin for WordPress has received excellent reviews from users. Even with this tool you can insert social icons on which your users can click to start to follow or share your content.

The icons of Social Media Feather have a simple, professional and modern design, which make it a plugin suitable for a multitude of sites. Surely one of the plugins dedicated to social with the most essential graphics, which facilitates an immediate and fast use because it’s very intuitive.

Social Media Flying Icon

This social plugin for WordPress has also received excellent reviews from users.

Floating Social Media Icon will be useful if you want to put on your site social icons that “accompany” the user while scrolling up or down your pages. Moreover, this plugin allows you to choose from over 20 types of icons, allowing you to insert the one that is more in line with the graphics and the motifs of your site. An important reason – among others – to also include this tool among the best social plugins for WordPress.

Share Buttons by AddThis

Share Buttons by AddThis is a plugin that offers a package of social buttons to share your content. This plugin offers 4 types of button configuration:

  • a sidebar that allows those who use the content to share it on social media
  • a box for social sharing that appears close to elements such as: images, text, etc., when users pass over them with the mouse pointer
  • a button that is shown when users pass over the content with the mouse pointer and that, once clicked, offers other options for sharing. A solution for mobile versions of sites
  • a menu with buttons in line with the text, of reduced size, ideal to be placed after a title or within text without distracting readers.

This is a free plugin, but if you want to customize the buttons depending on the style of your site you will have to upgrade to the paid version, starting at $10 per month.

Easy Social Icons

If you want to use more social niche and put on your site buttons that allow the sharing of content, the Easy Social Icons plugin is for you. With this tool you can choose the icons for the social buttons you prefer and match us for links. You can choose where to place the buttons and offers you various customization options.


Did you already know these social plugins for WordPress? Is there any plugin that you think is missing from the list and would you like to report it to us?

Share your impression with us, leaving us a comment in the box below.

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