Goodbye iTunes: Apple will close the program for Mac and Windows soon

iTunes will not work anymore: by the end of the year Apple will say goodbye to its historic program, available for Mac and Windows PC. Here are all the details.
Goodbye iTunes: Apple will close the program for Mac and Windows soon

Apple says goodbye to iTunes: the program, available for Mac and Windows PC, designed for synchronizing and managing music and data with apple devices (such as iPhone, iPad and iPod) starts to close.

iTunes could in fact retire very soon: Apple wants to lighten its historic program, which over the years has seen its potential expand through different functions, dividing it into four new apps. The iTunes farewell therefore seems on the agenda, a possibility that could occur by the end of the year. Here’s all we know.

iTunes will no longer work

Rumors about the possible retirement of iTunes have been chasing each other for some time: the first rumors came from Steve Troughton-Smith, iOS developer who revealed Apple’s intentions: to create independent and separate applications dedicated to music, podcasts and books, functions today merged within the famous program.

great change aimed at making iTunes more usable and functional to the individual activities sought by users, which over the years have harshly criticized the program developed by Cupertino.

Apple TV +, Apple’s new streaming service, for example, will host movies and TV shows that are now contained (for purchase and rental) within the iTunes Store.

iTunes: when it stops working

As stated by Troughton-Smith is now also confirmed by 9to5Mac, which confirmed the intent of Apple identifying the arrival of the new apps, and the consequent death of iTunes, with the update 10.15 of macOS. Single applications for podcast, music and iOS devices will be developed, effectively removing iTunes as we know it today.

There is no official date yet, but the iTunes switch-off seems to be scheduled for the end of 2019: now it only awaits the official confirmation that, according to various newspapers, it could take place during WWDC 2019 (the annual conference held by Apple scheduled from 3 to 7 June).

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