Does your Asus device have problems and the GPS signal does not work well? Do not worry, we are going to provide you with a list of things to do to fix the GPS problem on an ASUS device.

You do not know the way to a restaurant or a place you want to visit, do you have a meeting or you can not find your friends? Take the phone and turn on the GPS to easily find your way with Google Maps or another equivalent application, it will take you no more than a minute to find the route.

The phone uses an elaborate technology called GPS or Global Positioning System that uses geosynchronous satellites to track the user’s location and deliver the required results. Now it’s easy to book a taxi on Uber or track your location and share it with friends and family with GPS on your phone.

But there is also the other side of the coin. What happens if GPS or location-based services show inaccurate or incorrect results? What happens if the phone’s GPS does not work due to a weak network or other problems?

Well, there are a lot of GPS-related problems, so we decided to provide a list of methods to solve any kind of GPS problem that Asus users might have. Here’s what you have to do.

How to solve the GPS problem on an ASUS device

Method 1: Restart

Consider that you have activated the GPS on your phone but it does not work. In that case, you can re-enable it again to see if it works or not. Likewise, you can restart the phone to see if the service has been restored to your phone or not. This type of GPS problem occurs because of a small technical problem that the firmware may have encountered when the service is switched on on the phone, but since the system has been restarted, the firmware will automatically adjust it.

Method 2: Remove any obstacle

The GPS on the phone works when the phone establishes a connection with cell towers and nearby satellites that help the system locate the user’s location. But if there is an obstacle in the middle, the phone may show inaccurate or even incorrect results. First, check if the phone cover you are using is causing the problem or not, since it is usually the phone cases that cause this problem. Approach a window or go to an open space and check the position. This will help you understand who the culprit is.

Method 3: Control the energy saving mode

The power saving mode is incorporated into various smartphones as a feature that prevents apps and services in the background from consuming more battery than usual. But when accessing the energy saving mode, this feature disables services such as wifi, location. Check to see if the power saving mode interferes with location-based services or not. If so, turn off the power saving mode.

Method 4: Activate the “High precision” mode

What do you need to do to get better or better results? GPS can be configured to provide high precision results simply by activating this mode. Also, this method is useful if the phone shows slightly incorrect or inaccurate results because the high precision mode will provide more accurate results even if it will use more battery power.

  • First, open the Settings app on your phone and touch Location.
  • Turn on the position and go to the Mode section.
  • This is where you will find the option to activate the “High precision” mode.
  • Check if the ‘GPS Satellites’ option is activated or not, if not, then turn it on as it will make it easier for the phone to track the user’s location more accurately.

Method 5: Update Google Maps

Many people choose not to update Google Maps or any other relevant app due to lack of time or because they have not configured that app to update automatically. Also, there are lots of other reasons why a user wants or does not update Google Maps, which is the most popular service to track your location, track the route to your destination and lots of other features. When the app is outdated, it has bugs and this could interfere with the phone’s ability to work with GPS to provide accurate results. Just update the app and try again.

Method 6: Reset the phone

If the phone shows the satellites on the screen but the GPS does not work on the phone, it is due to a software problem to know that it can be solved by referring to the methods I have explained before or you can perform a general reset to completely solve the problem once all.

  • To perform a general reset, turn off the phone.
  • Next, press the Power button + Volume down buttons together and hold down until the phone turns on and shows the Android logo.
  • When starting in recovery mode, select the option called “delete data/factory reset” from the menu, then confirm the action by selecting “Yes – delete all user data” using the power button.

We have just finished talking about how to fix the GPS problem on an ASUS device. If after using our advice your device still has GPS connection problems, you just have to bring it to a service center.


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