How to hide WhatsApp Web active session notification

Every time you connect your smartphone to WhatsApp Web, the annoying icon with the message that the app is active appears in your notifications. Besides it has no practical utility whatsoever, the worst part is that you can not normally delete it. However, it is possible to get rid of it in another way. Here’s how to hide an active session in the WhatsApp Web.

1. Access the notifications tray on your smartphone. On some handsets, simply slide your finger from the top corner of the screen down;

2. Tap on the message “WhatsApp Web is currently active” and slide your finger to the left;

3. Now touch the notification setup option, located on the gear icon (right corner of the tray) while in some phone you have swipe in right to get gear icon;

4. On the “All categories” screen that opens, slide the display vertically until you see the “Other Notifications” option. Disable this key only.

Ready! WhatsApp will now no longer notify you on your smartphone that it is connected to a computer. And do not worry: only this reminder has been disabled. You will continue to be prompted to receive new messages.

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