How to clear cache on your PS4 cache

Not everyone knows how to clear the PS4 cache, a simple procedure that can make a difference in everyday life as the console system, games, and apps over time accumulate files that can corrupt and degrade performance.

How to clear cache on your PS4 cache

How to clear PS4 cache

As you run games and applications on PS4, the console stores temporary data or cache files to access resources and perform functions faster and more efficiently. The procedure is the same as that used by computer and mobile operating systems and applications, and similarly, this data tends to corrupt over time for a variety of reasons.

Once corrupted, the PS4 cache can lead to game and app instability, as well as the console system itself. However, it is possible to clear this data and force the system to download new, error-free cache files that make the system, games and apps run faster and more stable.

See how to do it.

  1. Press and hold the DualShock 4 “PS” button to open the Quick Menu;
  2. Select the “Turn off PS4” option and wait for the console to shut down completely;
  3. Unplug the power cord from the back of the PS4 (required).
    The procedure does not work if you just unplug the PS4, the power cord must be completely unplugged;
  4. Keep the PS4 off and unplugged for at least 5 minutes;
  5. Reconnect the power cord and turn on the PS4.

After this procedure, the PS4 cache will be cleared and games will be able to download new, less error prone data sets.

It’s important to remember that this method only works by completely turning off the console, so it’s no use putting it to sleep. Likewise, it is mandatory that the power cable be completely removed from the back of the device, it is not enough to just unplug the PS4 and keep the cable plugged into the console.

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