Why you might want to Buy Reviews for Android App

There are a number of reasons to buy reviews for your Android app and rank them high in the Playstore. App reviews are critical to getting noticed in the Playstore as most users look at app ratings and reviews before downloading them. If you have a high rating on the Playstore but no reviews users tend not to trust the app as much as they would an app that has been reviewed.

So if you’re planning to launch a new app and want to get noticed all over, having a high rating and good reviews could make or break your app.

The importance of reviews

The most obvious reason you need good reviews for your app on the Play Store is that high ratings and good reviews drastically increase the chances a user will download your app. A survey conducted by Apptentive showed that 59% of users check an app’s rating and reviews before download it. Google has recently improved its algorithm to reward high-quality apps. The algorithm considers engagement and retention metrics along with traditional measures like high star ratings and user reviews to find high-quality apps. Furthermore, apps on the PlayStore now show detailed rating insights and highlighted user reviews.

Bad Reviews: How to deal with them

In the event of you receiving a bad review for your app, the first thing you should do it reply to it. The fact that you replied to a review will show that you are proactive and add credibility to your app. The reply to a bad review should always thank the reviewer because they have just helped you improve your app. The ratings of an app are what usually draw a user’s attention to it, so making sure you have a high rating in the Play Store is very important to get people to download your app.

The Best Ways to Get your App Reviewed

Users do not like to leave an app they are using to provide a review for it on the Play Store. Besides, most of the time a user wants to leave a review it’s usually negative, this is because they use this section to provide feedback on apps. So how do you get users to review your app?

It’s all about timing

The timing of the prompt to review an app can be very important to getting your app review. By tracking your app crashes you can gauge when it’s a good time to ask for a review from your user, it’s not a good idea to request a review just after your app has crashed because users will take out the time to bash your app for the crash.

Make sure you ask your users for ratings and reviews once they have used your app for a little while and seem satisfied with it. You can gauge their level of satisfaction by checking their interaction with the app. It would be prudent to ask for a review and rating after a user completes a milestone or transaction on your app like booking a ticket, buying a meal or completing a level in a game, this way you will not be interrupting the user in the middle of a task.

Approach the User Wisely

Making it easy for the user to review your app is just as important as finding the right timing to ask for a review. Asking the user if they are enjoying the user experience is one of the best ways to request for a rating. If the user says they are enjoying the app you can ask them to rate it on the Play Store. If the user is not enjoying the app, you can redirect them to a mail ID where they can provide feedback, this way the feedback being provided will be viewed by you and your team and won’t appear as a bad review in the Play Store. You should also be careful to not be too persistent, this can irritate the user and make them give you a bad review or rating.

Be Available

Making it easy for a user to contact you to provide feedback is important when it comes to generating engagement with your app. You should provide links for support everywhere you can, this will allow the user to directly contact you when they have any negative feedback and won’t appear in the public domain. Providing your contact information is just as vital, you can provide this information within your app description. A section within the app should be dedicated to contact information because it’s important for the user to know where to find you.

Get the App Reviewed Externally

The other way to get your app reviewed is by incentivizing reviews and ratings for your app. You can ask users to review and rate your app to win prizes within the app. A good review will provide the users with a comprehensive view of your application, its pros, and cons and what the app can be used for. It is important to have informative reviews for your app because users will be more inclined to download applications they can understand better.

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