How to create your own CFG in CS: GO [config]

After you have already installed the game, the configured cards and their peripherals plugged in, the next step is to know how to create your own CFG in CS: GO. That way it is simpler to apply all the preferences of the players before starting big clashes.

How to create your own CFG in CS: GO

What is the importance of having a CFG?

The main function of having your (.cfg) recorded is to optimize the time. Whether to play on your personal PC or take it on a USB stick for competitions in other locations. Your CFG should have the main personal settings such as: size and type of aim, speed of mouse sensitivity, movement “binds”, and etc…

How to create your own CFG in CS: GO?

The quickest way to create your CFG is using the notepad, because within this file the player can put a list with its commands and settings at once. Let’s go step by step to create the file:

  1. Click the right button on your desktop of Windows;
  2. Select “new“; then “text document”;
  3. Put all the commands you want in your CFG;
  4. Save the file with the name you want ( your nick is easier );
  5. Change the file name from ( .txt ) to ( .cfg );
  6. Save the file to the main CS: GO* folder.

How to save the CFG file in the main CS: GO folder

* To avoid doubts, we separate this part of the process, let’s go step by step:

  1. Open your Steam profile;
  2. Click the right mouse over the icon CS: GO;
  3. Then click on “Properties”;
  4. Select the “Local files” tab ;
  5. Click on “Browse local files …“;
  6. Open the “csgo” folder;
  7. Then the “cfg” folder;
  8. Save the file into the folder.
  9. To execute your CFG, just enter the game and type in the console ( ‘ ), exec name.cfg

Command tips most used in CFG

There are other commands, these are some examples, where “value” is the variable number. Test different values ​​to find out which one best suits your style of play.

Crosshair (Mira)

  • cl_crosshairalpha “value”
  • cl_crosshaircolor “value”
  • cl_crosshairdot “value”
  • cl_crosshair_t “value”
  • cl_crosshairsize “value”
  • cl_crosshairthickness “value”

Sensitivity (In-game mouse sensitivity)

  • sensitivity “value”
  • zoom_sensitivity_ratio_mouse “value”

Netgraph (Chart showing computer performance)

  • net_graph “value”
  • net_graphheight “value”

With these tips we hope to have helped you prepare your CFG and move on to bigger challenges.

Good games!

More information: Dailyesports

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