How to speed up uTorrent download speed

Torrent is one of the most popular file-sharing methods, for many users it has become the preferred method for downloading from the Internet. It is one of the fastest methods! Unfortunately, however, not all the download of torrents proceeds as fast as it should. This is why we have created this guide on how to speed up uTorrent to the maximum. uTorrent is in fact one of the most used torrent clients and therefore deserves a special guide.  

There are various reasons that explain the success of torrents and wanting a lot to simplify we have:

  • the lack or absence of fake material;
  • the good downloading speed;
  • the relative ease of use;
  • the large amount of material that can be easily found on the net thanks to the trakers.

How to speed up uTorrent?

So here’s our quick guide to speed up uTorrent, sometimes the little tricks and optimizations can lead you to finally download at almost line piema.

Choose the right torrent

There are many that when downloading with uTorrent are satisfied with the first torrent file (or magnet link) that happens to shoot. This is not a winning strategy because in the trackers there are often many torrent files that have the same content you are interested in (it can be: a game, a movie, an episode of a TV series, a music album or more), choosing the right one can make the difference between having a download that lasts for days or just a couple of hours.

There is a simple and golden rule to choose the best torrent, the one with the highest number of seeds. A large number of seeds available means a large number of users who have the complete file and share it.

Finding the best torrent is simple just open a torrent tracker and after doing the search choose the list by seed number, the first results will be the best.

Open the router ports to facilitate uTorrent communications

This option is really useful to improve the communication between the nodes of the P2P network so that it is now present on every torrent client. For example, in the latest versions of uTorrent it is often enabled by default. The option if enabled allows uTorrent to map your router firewall and to find open ports and use them to better communicate with the seeder.

To speed up uTorrent you should enable the Enable UPnP Port Mapping and Enable NAT-PMP Mapping entries, which are easily found in Settings, and then in the Connection menu.

On all modern enough routers there should be no problem because their NAT usually has some unfiltered ports (typically at least those for voip).

On routers with a few more years over your shoulders, you have to manually proceed you have to enter the settings, and in the NAT interface open a door. The procedure changes slightly depending on the model and the manufacturer, we advise you to consult the manual.

Increase the number of simultaneous connections to download faster

Theoretically, a greater number of connections implies a greater amount of seed and peer reached and therefore intuitively a greater connection speed.

In reality every torrent client limits it to about 300, the morivo is simple, managing many connections involves using many resources, so too many connections would make the client really heavy and hang the PC.

If you have a powerful PC and a fast network (like fiber) you can decide to increase the number of simultaneous connections, it is one of the settings that most often changes to speed up uTorrent.

Just change the item Maximum number of global connections by raising their number to 500-600, which you find by going to Settings, and then in the Connection menu.

Improve the tracker list to find more seeds

We have already talked about the importance of choosing the right torrent to download fast. In reality even a torrent with few sources can sometimes be improved by modifying its tracker list.

The tracker list are the addresses that the client consults to find seeds and peers. Editing the torrent tracker list is really a breeze and a great way to speed up downloads with uTorrent.

Switch to a fast connection (the fiber)

If you download from the Internet often with torrents, or you see a lot of streaming videos and you have an old ADSL line, you should start to seriously consider the idea of adapting your connection to a much better performing fiber.

The moment has never been so favorable for two important reasons: because now there are no more constraints over 24 months (they have been outlawed by this year’s competition decree); because some of the offers that include fiber (at 100 Mb/s or even at 1 Gb/s) are probably cheaper than your current subscription.

So paying a lower monthly cost you can enjoy much higher average speeds. The jump between the two technologies is tangible and you’ll notice it immediately, the ping is lower and badly the speeds are at least four times higher than a 20 Mb/s ADSL.

So the true surefire method to increase your download speed is to get a network that is really up-to-date and able to meet today’s multimedia user needs.

Check your connection especially if WiFi

Another advice that may seem trivial but that makes a big difference, many may not pay attention to us, but the WiFi connection degrades a lot with distance or in the presence of obstacles (walls, radiators, etc.). If you want to check that you fully use the line you should do the speeedtest while you are connected via WiFi and then try to redo it to connect to your router via LAN cable. If you go overlapping values you are affixed, otherwise you could consider the possibility of using a powerline, a repeater, or a router with more powerful antennas.

Avoid operator filters

If, after taking all these precautions, you still can not speed up uTorrent is because some operators tend to put filters on their network to limit file sharing p2p and exchange files.

A good way to avoid all types of filters and ensure maximum privacy is to use a vpn. For bandwidth limitations and its cost, the free VPNs rarely support file sharing p2p. They also often compromise the privacy they should protect by registering and selling their users’ browsing data.

We have dedicated a deepening to the advantages that the use of VPNs brings with torrents.

If you download often and keep your privacy and you want a VPN that does not limit your speed two of the best economic solutions recommended by pirates are NordVPN and  IPVanish.

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