How to unlock 4th Survivor mode in Resident Evil 2

The 4th Survivor mini-game was created as an extra mode for the original Resident Evil 2 and is also part of the remake. In it, you take on the role of Hunk, an elite soldier of STARS, also known as “The Grim Reaper”, and must survive hordes of zombies to get to the point of extraction and be rescued in time. This is one of the most challenging gameplay in the game and you’ll discover how to unlock it later.

How to Unlock The 4th Survivor

1. To play with Hunk in Survivor mode, you must first complete the main RE2 campaign (with Leon or Claire), ie play Side A and Side B of the story;

2. Once you’ve finished the game for the first time, you’ll be taken to the start menu;

3. There you can see a new option available, indicating a second run through the same campaign (2nd Run);

4. The difference is that this time you will play in a secondary scenario, with a protagonist opposed to the one you closed the game first. If you finished the campaign with Claire, the first time, you will now play with Leon on a B path, and vice versa;

5. As soon as you finish the game for the second time, and watch the final true end of the story, return to the main menu;

6. The 4th Survivor mode will already be available as an extra.

About the mini-game The 4th Survivor

Although Hunk has the nickname of Reaper, for always completing his missions even though (sometimes) the only survivor, this mode will test its avoidance and speed skills like never before in RE2.

That’s because the game will not expend efforts to throw hordes of enemies towards you at the same time. And it will not just be the ordinary zombies that will appear. As a STARS soldier you will have some weapons and healing items at your disposal.

However, use your resources wisely as you will not be able to collect items throughout your run. By the way, be careful not to get lost in the labyrinth of doors and exits from the claustrophobic setting of the challenge.

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