How to unlock Tofu Survivor mode in Resident Evil 2

As in the original RE2 from 1998, Resident Evil 2 remake also features the fun but challenging The Tofu Survivor mode. The extra is a parody of The 4th Survivor mini-game and was originally designed to test the game’s collisions. The gameplay is even the same as the 4th Survivor, but now you are a piece of food with a STARS beret See how to unlock.

It is worth remembering that, unlike the original The 4th Survivor, the Tofu mini-game does not have many weapons available and has only a few disposable combat knives to counterattack, and few healing herbs. The idea here is to divert as much as you can from the enemies and run, or rather, to drag fast.

How to Unlock Tofu Survivor

Although funny to see a piece of Tofu, speaking in Japanese half distorted, diverting from various monsters to the sound of heavy metal, this is one of the most difficult levels of RE2.

Your only features are already in your inventory and you can not get more items across the scenario. The secret is to divert the enemies as much as you can, and use the knives to defend yourself if attacked. To play the mini-game, you need:

1. Complete The 4th Survivor mode, or “The 4th Survivor.” Do not just play the level. It is necessary to reach the end and be rescued;

  • How to unlock The 4th Survivor mode in Resident Evil 2

Important: The time it takes to complete this mini-game will not be an impediment to releasing the Tofu saga. The obligation is only to close the STARS soldier mode

2. But to unlock the 4th Survivor you will need to finish the main campaign twice (Side A and Side B), with Leon or Claire;

3. When you have successfully completed the 4th Survivor, go to the game menu and you will see a new option called The Tofu Survivor.


How to unlock 4th Survivor mode in Resident Evil 2

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