How Does YouTube Monetization Work?

After the isolation period, the number of people working from home grew. The quest to become a content creator was no different. See in our article how YouTube monetization works and how it is possible to generate income.

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How to create content for Youtube

Before thinking about monetizing, it is important to think about how to create content in a structured way. It is not enough to want to monetize, the channel must be relevant to generate income. Think about your audience and do medium-term planning. 

Can you define the themes and formats of your videos? This is the first step. If the idea is to make 2 videos a week, there will be 104 in the year, try to list the themes of the year. Spend time thinking and save time doing it.

How does YouTube monetization work?

YouTube monetization is done by displaying ads during videos. If the ad is watched and not skipped, the amount paid is full. Of the value of each exhibition, part goes to YouTube and the other part is from the partner channel. In addition, the channel needs to respect some conditions to be monetized:

  • Achieve 10,000 total views on the channel’s videos;
  • Keep at least 1,000 subscribers on the channel;
  • Maintain 4,000 hours viewed per year (12 months).

Is YouTube monetization automatic?

It is not automatic. The channel interested in monetizing must activate the option and respect the guidelines of the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). After the channel chooses for monetization, the standard process of content analysis, made by Youtube, begins. Analyzes are automatic and manual. The channel must comply with the appropriate content guidelines for advertising.

How is the channel payment calculated?

The calculation, basically, is done on top of assisted advertisements, divided between Youtube and the partner channel. When the ad is skipped, only part of the amount is paid. 

There are other tools for the channel to generate income, Live Chat and Live Stickers. These are more prominent messages, bought by the audience, during live broadcasts. The channel can place them on the broadcast screen. This is a good strategy for newcomers. 

The choice to monetize is up to the channel, Youtube checks if it accepts the partnership, ready. The prerequisites must be met for the possibility to exist, if your goal is to monetize, try to fit in. We hope we helped with any questions about YouTube monetization.

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