How to import Outlook contacts into Gmail

If you no longer want to use the Microsoft Outlook client to manage your email, you’re wondering how to export all the contacts you’ve saved on Outlook to your new client, which could be Gmail. The risk when changing email manager is to lose all contacts, or to export them one by one with an unspeakable fatigue. However, you should know that there is an easy way to import Outlook Contacts into Gmail or other email clients with an automatic procedure.

If you do not know how to get all your Outlook contacts on Gmail, just continue reading this guide to find useful steps that will allow you to save the Outlook Contacts in a CSV file and then import them later in Gmail.

Export Outlook Contacts

Just like the Outlook import phase of Gmail contacts, which we explained in this guide, you can also export contacts from Microsoft Outlook to other clients, including Gmail. To do this, in Outlook go to File> Import/Export and open the import/export wizard. Now, choose the option “Export to a file” and choose “Next“. Select “Comma-separated values” (Windows) and select “Next“.

On the next screen, select “Contacts“. At this point, Microsoft Outlook allows you, if you need to do it, to change some fields before exporting the file.

Import Contacts to Gmail

Now, go to your Gmail account, click on Gmail and then click on the Google App menu icon at the top right and from the list of apps click on Contacts. Click on the “More” button and select the “Import” option. Now, from the “Import contacts from other accounts” screen choose ““. The procedure provided by the new Google Contacts app uses ShuttleCloud, a third-party application that will take care of importing. To continue, you must temporarily grant ShuttleCloud access to your contact information, including names and email addresses, so you must accept the procedure.

If you want to avoid giving your data to third-party applications, you must choose “CSV or VCard files” and use the previous version of Google Contacts to import data from a contact file. Click on “Go to the previous version” and the old version of the application will open. Now go to “Other” and click on “Import“. This procedure supports the import of CSV files from Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Eudora and other applications.

Now click on”Choose file” to select the file to be imported and then choose “Import“. All your Microsoft Outlook contacts will be imported into your Gmail account.

As you can see, it’s a procedure that will allow you to easily import all your Outlook contacts into Gmail without losing even one.

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