Mac is one of the most popular computers in popular for its functionality, for the high quality of graphics and for the speed of execution of the operating system. However, it may happen that a new user wants to make some basic changes to the appearance of his PC, such as changing the desktop background. In this regard, we see how to change the background on the Mac by reviewing three different methods, each of which will allow you to choose a new background for the PC drawing from three different panels.


  • Mac (any version)
  • Images to use as a background

1. Setting from the “Finder”

The “Finder” is the application of Apple that allows you to easily and neatly manage all the files contained within the device in use. The Finder itself is very useful for an endless series of operations that can be performed on your PC, including the possibility of changing the wallpaper to the desktop. To do this, simply locate one of the images saved in a folder on your computer. By typing the file name on the Finder, the application will detect the position of the image in the folder in which it was saved. At this point, click on the image with the right mouse button. A drop-down menu will open, with the last option being “Set desktop image”.

2. Setting from “System Preferences”

You can set up a new image as a wallpaper on your Mac desktop by also going through “System Preferences”. First, click on the appropriate icon of System Preferences (the classic settings gear) in “Applications”. After that, click on “Desk and Screen Saver”. At this point a screen will open containing two different tabs, ie “Desk” and “Screensaver”: the first will allow you to change the background of the Mac, while the second will allow you to set the image to display temporarily when the PC does not It is used. It is the first card that interests us.

3. Setting from “Photos”

The setting of the new background image on Mac is also possible by switching from the “Photos” application, in which are contained, in fact, all the photos saved on your PC. First open the app. In Photos, you will find images saved and grouped according to different criteria, such as the date of saving or collections. Orienting with these criteria you can identify the desired image, then click on it with the right mouse button. A drop-down menu will open. Move the cursor to the “Share” option, allowing an additional vertical menu to open. The “Set desktop image” option will appear in the new menu. Click on it and you will see the chosen image become the new background of the Mac desktop.


Never forget:

  • If you have other difficulties in performing the operations related to the change of background, the advice is to view the video tutorial proposed in the guide or go to YouTube to conduct a personal search. Alternatively, ask for help from a friend who owns a Mac.

Some links that may be useful for you:

    • Apple official support for changing the background of the Mac


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