How to improve your Aim and accuracy in Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that a lot happens at the same time as you have to keep the controls to get along and not end up dying in the first minutes. Here’s how to make your shots more accurate and improve your aim at Fortnite.

How to improve your Fortnite Aim

To understand how to improve aiming at Fortnite, you need to know that there are two types of weapons in the game, the so-called hitscan and the base projectile, they basically work like this:

  • Hitscan: The damage result (if it hits the target) is instantaneous with respect to the shot and does not consider distance or height factors of the enemy. In this class are almost every weapon in the game, such as pistols and machine guns, except snipers and grenades;
  • Base projectile: These weapons take into account the enemy’s position, distance and altitude, and after firing, take time to reach the enemy, and lose height as they travel the distance. Projectile weapons based on sniper and grenades are classified.

Snipers are somewhat easier to aim as the pointer is fixed. With this the player should only worry about shooting from a safe position (since his field of view will be limited) predicting the enemy’s movements.

Since the bullet will lose altitude and take time to reach its target, it may be necessary to shoot where the opponent must be when the projectile reaches it. Understand this example below:

What about hitscan weapons?

Most weapons carry a cross in the center of the screen to represent the character’s crosshairs. You may have already noticed that this aim increases and decreases, but do you know why?

  1. Run While Shooting: Imagine that your character needs to focus to perform a good shot while running, his aim will be more open and accuracy will be lower.
  2. Holding the trigger: Have you noticed that as you hold the trigger to continue firing the scope becomes wide? This is the bloom of the weapon. It is as if there is a vibration that prevents your character from continuing to shoot precisely.

In these cases the best thing to do to improve your Fortnite sights is:

  1. Shoot still and crouch: In both modes, your accuracy will increase;
  2. Shoot a few shots at a time: If the target is far away, the correct action is to shoot slowly. Shoot and release the trigger, so you prevent accuracy from being lost while trying to eliminate an opponent.
  3. Use focus mode: While the left mouse button is for shooting, the right button will trigger focus mode, this will increase accuracy but reduce your movements. On consoles, this feature is usually by default on the left trigger.

We know there are cases where the enemy is right in front of you. Well, there’s really no way to stand still, crouch and stay calm. In this case, you can hold the trigger at ease that, even with poor accuracy, shots can hit the nearby target. What counts is to survive.

Change mouse or control sensitivity

If the problem is being able to keep track of enemy movement, you can also adjust the mouse sensitivity to increase or decrease the pointer (crosshair) path as you move the mouse or control analog. When accessing the settings, you come across the three items:

  • X and Y Sensitivity:
    Changes the sensitivity in the main view of the character. X is for horizontal adjustment and Y for vertical;
  • ADS Sensitivity or Controller Targeting Sensitivity:
    Changes the sensitivity of the mouse or analog while in focus mode;
  • Controller Scope Sensitivity:
    Change the sensitivity of the mouse or analog while in long range (this is the case with snipers).

The idea is to try to adjust these values ​​to best fit your profile, both reducing and increasing sensitivity. First, try to identify how difficult it is to reach targets on the vertical or horizontal axis or in the aforementioned aiming modes and then make adjustments more accurately.

Important: Write down the previous values ​​before making any changes, if the adjustments get worse, you will know the recommended setting without having to restore everything.

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