For many years Instagram has become one of the most used social networks ever, there are many who access it at least once a day. One of the many questions that the user poses is definitely the following: how to increase the views of their stories Instagram?

Today we will see precisely the best tips to increase the views of Instagram stories.

Publishing often is the right way

To be able to increase the views of every story published on Instagram once and for all, there is a well-defined strategy. One of the best is undoubtedly the ability to publish different stories distributing them for good throughout the day. You will have to continue with this strategy until the public’s attention is captured. Be careful though, many stories during the day could tire the audience that decided to follow us, so at least at the beginning it might be better to post a few stories a day, maximum 3.

What are the contents that you need to publish on Instagram?

What could be the best content to post in Instagram stories to attract public attention? Videos or photo? The contents that are created in the stories, will make sure that the audience with which you interact is as faithful as possible. Among the videos and images, the first ones are much better, as they quickly lead to a higher participation by the same public. The videos are definitely more in vogue and preferred by Instagram users, because the same controls, through a special algorithm, the behavior of each user. If your real purpose is to significantly increase the views in social stores, creating movies is definitely the best solution.

Instagram offers a lot of features, exploiting them fully is very important

An impressive social network like Instagram offers lots of great features to try out that you can safely use in posts that are published, but also in stories. In the latter you can add GIF, to make a photo or video much better. You can add beautiful emojis, phrases written entirely by yourself, music to make images or a movie more interesting. Using the pen button, you can write on the photo or video that you decide to publish. Taking advantage of one or all of the features offered by Instagram, the stories are richer in content and will undoubtedly be more able to attract the attention of more people.

Is there an exact time to publish Instagram stories?

Let’s see together the best times of publication of the stories Instagram , depending on many could be these:

  • in the time slot from 13:00 to 16:00;
  • in the time band that goes from 19:00 to 21:00.

By publishing from a minimum of one to a maximum of three stories in the time periods shown above, you should be able to increase your views considerably.

Increase views in stories, other great tricks to follow

We are not kidding, fortunately there are small but effective tricks that will allow you to further increase your view count in Instagram stories. How you do it? The social photo has recently introduced another very important function on the stories, that of being able to insert the hashtags when deemed most appropriate. By inserting the latter related to the context of the video or image that you are going to insert in the stories, you will be able to receive more views, by users who use them and obviously looking for those precise hashtags. Our personal advice, however, is to not put a large number of hashtags and in particular insert them in lower case so that the public does not notice their presence.

We hope today’s guide has helped you increase your Instagram stories.


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