The new trend of Instagram are the writings with different fonts in the bio, in the posts and in the comments. Here’s how to change fonts and customize texts.
Instagram: how to change fonts on bio, post and comments

Instagram allows you to change fonts, so much so that the bio written with characters other than the preset one are more and more frequent. Especially among influencers it is fashionable to write phrases with particular and creative fonts: having the bio with a custom font can attract new followers and make the account stand out. In addition to changing fonts using the right one for you, make sure your bio is short (better to use keywords than long sentences) and include the best hashtags to increase likes and followers. The emojis can help to add a little color to the profile.

If you would like to change font on Instagram to write in a different way than usual but you do not know how to do it in the right place: here is a short and useful guide to the simplest and free tools, where you will find the best fonts for Instagram and steps to do.

How to change fonts on Instagram

The first thing to do is to find the fonts you want to use to customize your bio, post captions or comments. There are various sites and apps that offer lists of special characters and symbols that can be used on Instagram. Among the simplest we find the Instagram Fonts and LingoJam sites. Just write the text you want to change and choose the font from the list on the site, then do Copy, open Instagram and paste the text just copied in the bio or elsewhere.

To edit the bio text on Instagram just go to your profile page (icon of the little man at the bottom right), press Edit profile, and once the font is changed press Done.

Among the useful applications for this purpose we find Fonts – for Instagram, which offers a collection of 100 fonts, more than 1000 emoticons and decorations to personalize the bio and comments on Instagram, and Fonts – Fonts & Text Emoticons for Instagram that also supports captions to post and other apps like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. Once you find the font you want to use, copy it wherever you want.

How to change fonts on Stories

On Instagram Stories we have access to 5 different types of fonts: classic, modern, neon, typewriter and bold. But if we wanted to use a different font? In this case we have at least 3 options available: one is to use TikTok, the app used to create music videos in lip sync that among the various features has a series of very beautiful and original filters and fonts. Making the video/photo on TikTok and then sharing it as an Instagram Story you can use filters, 3D effects and different masks.

Alternatively you can use a graphic design app (there are many), such as Canva, Hype Type, Typorama, Vont or Font Candy. On Canva among the various options there is also Your Story: upload a photo or a background and then press the (+) button on the bottom right; choose one of the models proposed by the app or select Add a personal text. You can change the size, alignment, spacing and more. Once you find and enter the correct font, touch the download button above. right and the created content will be automatically saved on the phone roll, from where you can upload it to Instagram Stories.


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