How to make perfect Instagram stories

To make Instagram Stories like the influencers here are 6 simple and free support applications for a guaranteed wow effect.

Instagram stories have become a real phenomenon: 500 million people use them every day. If everyone is able to publish the Stories with filters, effects, Gif and music, not everyone can get optimal results.

If you want to bring your Instagram Stories to the next level and earn followers and likes, here are some Instagram support apps that can help you. Here’s how to make Stories worthy of the best influencer.

Instagram Stories: the best support apps


Available free for Android and iOS, Canva is one of the most popular photo editors thanks to its extreme ease of use and efficiency. Allows you to edit photos, create collages and professional graphic projects by adding elements, texts, icons, graphs, borders, frames and illustrations. You can then share your content on social media or save the project in the camera roll to post it at any time. Canva is also available in the desktop version.


Even PicsArt is a tool much appreciated by the Instagrammer who want to edit the photos before posting them. Free and available for iPhone and Android smartphones, PicsArt is simple to use and at the same time offers pro results. You can add stickers, touch up faces, light and shadows, have fun with effects and filters. You can also easily create collages and memes. Once the photo has been modified, it is possible to share it directly as an Instagram story thanks to the dedicated button.


Magisto Video Editor & Movie Maker is the perfect support app for Instagram stories that contain videos. Once downloaded to your phone, you can create powerful videos in minutes, combining clips, photos, music, effects and filters to help you tell your story. Its strength is the AI with which it identifies the best parts of the clips and optimizes them during editing.


Do you like vintage photos? The 8mm app is the editor of Instagram Stories that’s right for you: this app in fact gives all the videos and photos of your story a retro look, applying 8mm film effect.


With Hype-Type you can create stories with animated texts that appear and disappear, filters other than those available on Instagram, add music and synchronize it with animated subtitles, and much more. The app provides a subscription, but is available for a free trial period.

Preview for Instagram 

Always go running and you need to schedule posts on Instagram to publish them at the right time? You can do so using Preview for Instagram, which not only allows you to plan posts and stories in advance, saving time and keeping the profile always active, but also to make photos and video repost and use the best hashtags thanks to the Hashtag Manager.

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