Who follow you back and who unfollowed you

It may be uncomfortable to follow someone you know or friends on Instagram and find that he/she doesn’t follow you back. The personal or professional relationship may even be a little shaken because of it. But don’t worry, with the tips below you can easily find out who your followers are – and who unfollowed you.

Instagram: How to know who follow you back and who unfollowed you

In the past, specifically by 2017, the task of whether someone follows you back on Instagram was arduous. This required accessing the desired profile and manually searching through a huge list of followers. Now, things are much simpler with features provided by Instagram itself and some other apps that do this task for you.

The social network itself has tools that let you know if someone specific follows you back, but some of them only apply if you don’t follow them. The first tip we are going to teach is very simple. First of all, you need to search for the user profile you want to investigate. Then at the top left of the screen you will see the message “Follow Back”, if it does not appear, the profile in question does not follow you.

Another way to investigate involves a user you are already following. Go to the profile you want to analyze and click on “following”, so a list of people will appear and if your user is among them, they should be the first to appear. Note that this feature only works for the app and not for the desktop version.

You can also search for your name in this category and if the message “no user found” appears, you already know that the profile is not a follower of your account.

Other Applications

There are a few other apps that can make following followers easy and quick. With them you don’t have to check one user at a time, you can unfollow who doesn’t follow you back and still follow who unfollowed your Instagram account. We have selected two apps that meet our needs and are available for Android and IOS.


This tool provides statistics such as new followers, lost followers, followers you don’t follow back, users who don’t follow you back, among other functions. The free version also lets you stop following users without even opening the Instagram app. By clicking on the “non-returning users” tab, a list of names appears and you can delete them from your timeline right there.


FollowMeter introduces a simpler setup process with lots of free useful features, such as new followers, people who have unfollowed you, those whom you recently unfollowed, and most importantly those who do not follow you back. Some reports show results only after installation, but the function that interests us works fully without gaps.

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