Instagram: how to see the number of likes hidden under the posts

Instagram takes away the likes? Here’s how to see the number of likes hidden since the last update both under your posts and on those of others.

Instagram: how to see the number of likes hidden under the posts

Instagram hides the number of likes under the posts? No problem: there are several alternative methods and tricks to see the number of likes hidden from the last update, which introduces a big change for users (and influencers).

Instagram has hidden the likes under the posts, a new feature that has annoyed the fans of the popular social photo network, always ready to share posts until the last one I like. The new visualization prevents seeing the number of likes of others, an initiative created to sensitize users about the sharing and use of social networks (with users increasingly focused on the number of “likes” compared to the posted content.

How to see the number of likes under Instagram posts? Here are some useful solutions.

Instagram: how to see the hidden likes under the posts

The first trick to see the number of likes hidden under the posts is really simple. The number I like is not shown by the users selected for this first test phase: in fact, under the posts we find a wording that starts with the name of one or two users followed by “and others” instead of the normal number of likes I obtained.

By clicking on “others” the complete list of all the likes received is shown, as was already the case in the old version. Through the list shown you can view how many likes are received: at the top the number of likes obtained is shown but be careful, only the user who posted the content can view the number (which will be hidden from all others).

The function is still in the testing phase, but another useful method could come from Instagram Web (which may still retain the old version in some cases) or from notifications received at the bottom (which indicate the number of hearts received).

A somewhat uncomfortable solution, especially if you receive hundreds of likes. That is why then it is better to turn to some external apps.

See the number of likes with Instagram Web

Have you been selected for this test and you no longer see the likes under the posts? Don’t worry, an excellent solution is Instagram Web, the PC version that provides a desktop version for the popular social network.

Accessing Instagram Web is really simple: once you enter your credentials you will see with pleasure that currently the update that hides the number of likes received under the photos does not concern the desktop version, where hearts and likes continue to be shown in the exact number. Roadmap delay? We don’t know, but if you want to take a closer look at Instagram in the “old way” this solution is really effective.

Instagram: the best apps to see the likes received

For iOS and Android there are some applications to better monitor your profile, such as Reports+ and Analytics for Instagram: the apps, available for iOS and Android, allow you to monitor the progress of your profile in a complete way (from the followers to the reach of interactions received under each published post).

Apps like these are convenient for those looking to manage their profile in a more professional and complete way thanks to the many features present: the apps are available for a fee (through different plans) or for free (with limited sections and one of the advertising slightly more invasive).

Instagram: how to see likes under the posts of others

Totally different speech for the likes present under the users’ posts followed, which appear differently than in the past

Scrolling through the Instagram time line the exact number of likes is no longer shown: the display modes are different. In this case, the posts may appear without any wording and accompanied by the description only.

The situation changes if someone we follow puts a post to my liking: in this case the phrase “user X and others like this photo” will appear. Clicking on the sentence we will be shown the complete list of users who have interacted with the post through the like, but not its number.

If the list is very long it is likely that the number of likes received is high, but to know the precise number it is only necessary to count them by hand (a decidedly impractical solution).

Alternatively, you can download some apps like “Stalker for Instagram” that allows you to spy on stories and posts from other users.

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