On Instagram a new sticker for quiz is going to come. It wil changes the way you ask questions to followers and following. Here’s when the update will arrive.
Instagram: Quiz in the questions, the new sticker is coming

The Quiz is arriving in Instagram Stories. A new update for the beloved stories of the popular photo social network adds a new sticker for the questions function, which can transform your profile into a real multi-choice quiz, just like those on television.

The Quizzes will stand out from the Surveys function already available for Instagram: at first glance the two functions may look really similar, but in reality the sticker dedicated to quizzes will have a completely new way. The update is still under test, we do not know for the moment the exact date of its debut in the stories, Zuckerberg is still evaluating pros and cons of the new sticker, which should be joined to the recent news as the suggestion for music and the bill in reverse.

Instagram Stories: Quizzes, how they work

The Instagram Quizzes will be implemented as an adhesive for stories, so you can easily trace them once the dedicated editor is open. The sticker, according to the first preview screenshots, will be placed next to the button that allows you to geolocalize in a certain locality or local.
Instagram Quiz sticker

An example of how the Quiz function on Instagram will appear

The sticker dedicated to Quiz will stand out from the normal polls for the possibility of creating a real multi-choice game: in a given question it will be possible to elaborate one or more answers to be chosen by their followers, who will have fun to indicate the right one, correct (indicated by a green dot and previously selected during sharing).

The function will certainly be released within a few weeks, given the increasing rumors and testimonies that have already announced the arrival. It will be available for both iOS and Android and could become, in a short time, a real must have of IG Stories, just as happened with the stickers dedicated to music.


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