Let’s find out when AirPods 2 will come out: the new earphones could arrive earlier than expected, with different features aimed at health and sports.
AirPods 2: release in 2019, features and price

AirPods 2 could soon become a reality: the new version of the beloved Apple wireless headphones is now a real thing, with an output expected before next autumn and features never seen before. You look at 2019 for the new line of bluetooth earphones that everyone wants to combine with the latest generation of iPhone.

The current AirPods are still a great success for Apple: the headphones are indeed among the best-selling devices along with Apple Watch, which surprisingly slipped iPhone Xs and XR, whose sales did not find the desired results.

The combination of health and user will represent for Apple the new path to follow, expanding the functionality of AirPods in decidedly new directions: that’s all we know.

AirPods 2: features, health first

Tim Cook recently declared, during an interview with CNBC, the 2019 Apple: the CEO has underlined how during the course of the year we will see the arrival of services and functions never seen before, with a particular ascendant tied up to the Health sector (on which the apple aims to become a point of reference).

Just the new AirPods could include some features oriented towards this direction. We had already talked about the rumored prototype filed by Apple that included a sensor for the detection of body temperature: the new AirPods 2 could really measure the fever, with new sensors oriented to the health care of the user.

Not just music, therefore: the AirPods have proved to be a precious ally for sports lovers, thanks to their wireless usability, and Apple does not seem to have ignored it.

According to DigiTimes, the new AirPods 2 could be equipped with an accelerometer aimed at motor control: thanks to a particular sensor with gyroscope the headphones would be able to accurately detect body movements, becoming an important indicator (via iPhone and Apple Watch) for any training sessions.

Even the detection of heart rate could be one of the flagship features of the new headphones: in the past it was discussed at length, and at the moment it seems to limit the possibilities are just the small size of the devices.

Some limitations also come from the diet, which could be reviewed when the long-awaited AirPower will arrive.


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