In which order are the Instagram stories shown : Is There Any Logic?

In which order are the Instagram stories shown above? Can you change the order of the Instagram stories? How does the order of the stories Instagram work?

On what top order of Instagram stories depends?

In what order do the stories appear on Instagram? We try to clarify

New day, new guide dedicated to the social network of the moment, namely Instagram.

Since I have received many requests from Teknologya readers, today I want to try to explain in what order the Instagram stories are shown in the top of the application. 

You know the small circles that appear at the top of Instagram when you open the program?

Here, their order is not absolutely random, but follows a very precise algorithm, which in turn respects certain parameters. But what are these parameters? What establishes which stories to show first on Instagram?

Let’s try to understand it together.

Order Instagram stories at the top: what does it depend on?

The speech could become extremely long and complex, because the factors that influence the order in which the stories of Instagram are shown at the top are many (and not all have been made public, of course, otherwise anyone could easily scrub the algorithm).

To cut a long story short, however, you should know that the order in which the stories of Instagram are shown at the top gives you a clue about the followers you interact with the most.

Basically, in the top of the Instagram app for Android and iOS you are shown first the stories of those people with whom you have a closer connection than others.

It is not necessary for you to write (or receive) private messages to these people, but it is simply enough that you:

  • often put “Like” on their photos
  • spend more time reading captions and descriptions of the photos they publish
  • add photos of these people to the “Saved Items”
  • maybe share these images externally or on other social networks
  • often look for the name of these people on Instagram (maybe to look for photos published in the past)

and so on.

In practice, even if you have never written a single direct message to these people and you do not even know them directly, but often interact with their account in one of the many ways offered by Instagram, the social network understands that these people are important for you and consequently shows you their stories at top. 

Simple, is not it?

And I must say that broadly the algorithm of Instagram also works quite well: wading the stories that are proposed to me at the top of the social network, actually are those of the users that interest me more and that I follow more willingly, while at follow all the others that however interest me less.

Now it is clear to you how Instagram sorts the stories up in the social network?

To conclude, here’s what the product manager of Instagram Home, Julian Gutman, says about it:

“The answer is: the people who appear first on the list are not the people who you follow more often, they are actually based on your business and the people you are closest to. I think there are situations in which there are many factors that create confusion, but you can create a narrative around them, perhaps based on what you want to think or see,” explained Gutman.

How to change order Instagram stories? Can it be changed?

If you have read the article up to this point, you will understand that it is not possible to manually change the order in which the stories are shown on Instagram. 

The only thing you can do is interact more with certain accounts to make sure that their stories are shown before others at the top.

So you can start putting “Like” or adding to the “saved” elements the photos or videos of a particular user, or you can repeatedly search his name on Instagram to make the social network understand that that user “interests you” and therefore you want to see it immediately between the stories when you open the social network.

Unfortunately there is no other way to change the order in which the Instagram stories appear at the moment. 

Can you see Instagram stories in chronological order?

No, unfortunately not. At the moment there is no way to show Instagram stories in chronological order.

So if you want to see the Instagram story of a certain user who does not appear at the top of the screen, you have to manually search for the user and view his story.

Order emergence stories Instagram – Conclusions

For this guide I would say that we have concluded.

In case of doubts or questions, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

I hope I have clarified all your doubts about the order of Instagram stories.

See you next time!

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