Instagram Stories Tricks: rainbow text effect and other secret functions

There are some functions of Instagram Stories that nobody knows: here are 3 tricks that will make your stories more original and creative.

Now that you know all about adding background music, resharing other people’s stories and using effects, you think that Instagram Stories has no secrets for you. Did you know, however, that you can make a Boomerang from a photo saved on your phone or that there is a way to write rainbow text?

Instagram is an excellent platform to create, share and find interesting content. Like all other social platforms, however, has hidden tricks and features that the vast majority of users, even the most skilled, does not know. We are going to reveal them below: read on and find out how to get your Instagram Stories to the next level.

1. Instagram Stories with rainbow lettering

We all know how to add the lettering on the stories and how to change font, size and color. No one, however, knows that there is a trick to obtain nuanced or rainbow lettering. The perfect feature when we are tired of using a single color block and want to have a multicolor text.

How to do? Tap the writing and choose Select All to highlight the text. Choose a color from the bottom palette and hold it until the color spectrum appears.

While holding down with the right finger, we use the other hand to touch the lower right-hand corner of the highlighted text and simultaneously slide the fingers to the left. The letters will change color based on where we point the cursor on the bottom spectrum. At first it may seem difficult, but with a little ‘manual skills you will be able to get the rainbow effect.

2. Make the Boomerangs from rolled photos

To make a Boomerang on Instagram there are two ways: either the Boomerang function on the Stories, to be chosen before shooting the video, or using the Boomerang app for Instagram. But we discovered a way to make a Boomerang to post as a story from a picture taken with the camera phone.

If you have an iPhone with the Live Photos function, just open the camera, select the symbol of the three circles at the top center and make sure it turns yellow. At this point take your photo on the move and upload it to Instagram as if it were a normal photo, then touch the screen and hold until you see the loading wheel appear. Instagram will convert your live photo into a Boomerang and you can watch it loop.

3. Background with drawing and eraser tools

Drawing tools and eraser can be used not only to scribble and write on Stories, but also to play with imagination and create different backgrounds.

Select the pen tool, choose a color and hold down for a long time at the bottom of the screen, which will fill with color. At this point you can give a background to the story or use the eraser to discover the image below.

If you choose the highlighter pen on the white you can create a translucent background and complete everything with gifs and lettering, just like in the photo below:

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