PS Vita 2: PlayStation mimics Nintendo Switch?

Rumor around a new portable PlayStation: a mysterious patent filed by Sony seems to follow the path traced by Nintendo.

The PlayStation Vita from Sony could return: the portable console has had a very fortunate life, selling much less compared to initial expectations, but a mysterious patent may now change the cards on the table.

PlayStation 5 is still far away, but in the intent of the Japanese house there seems to be a particular attention to the mobile world, also seen the global success received by Nintendo Switch that, with the sale of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, holds a sales record really significant (in the face of the absence of competitors) as regards the portable world.

Sony had tried this sector many times in the past, first with PSP (PlayStation Portable) and UMD discs, then replaced by PS Vita that is still available for sale but with updates and outgoing games are increasingly less frequent.

But now it is a mysterious patent to make the difference and chase the rumor that sees PlayStation oriented towards the road already beaten by Nintendo.

PS Vita 2: the mysterious patent

The failure of PS Vita made Sony declare, in 2015, that it would no longer produce a model of portable console.

After Hurricane Switch Sony CEO John Kodera retraced his steps, suggesting the possibility for PlayStation to move towards a hybrid system between portability and home use: “Instead of pushing the separation between portable games and consoles, it would be more appropriate to think to mobile games as a method to offer greater gaming experiences”.

And the presence of the new patent, filed by Sony in South Korea, rekindles the hopes of fans with an element with very mysterious and unique features: the project seems to depict a sort of cartridge, similar ones used by Nintendo for Switch, from the form rectangular and with an unusual entrance at the bottom.

The patent filed by Sony

The door, present in the design of the mysterious object, could indicate some kind of connection to a console, maybe through a dock: a bit like it happened with the now extinct Sega Mega Drive or Nintendo 64.

Or it could be another form that we have not yet seen, directly connected to the patent cartridge: in fact, Sony designed a mobile console really similar to the Nintendo home rival, but then remain in the shadows.

The 2017 patent, similar to Nintendo Switch

The Japanese company may have taken over the program, to give life to a new PS Vita, or even a brand new console to be placed next to the heir to PlayStation 4. The voices for the moment stop here, but the presence of a patent like that is enough to turn on some faint alarm bell.

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