iPhone 11 2019: presentation date, when will it be revealed?

The official presentation of the iPhone 11 may be closer than expected: that’s when the Apple conference dedicated to the new iPhone could be set.

iPhone 11 2019: presentation date, when will it be revealed?

The release of the iPhone 11 is getting closer and the first details about the official presentation date arrive, with the traditional conference that will reveal all the details and features of the new top of the range Apple.

The date of presentation, and that of the possible pre-orders, are the result of various rumors: traditionally September is the month chosen for the annual Apple conference which, as always, will see CEO Tim Cook armed with new and on the park expected iPhone 11, which will arrive alongside the new iPhone XR 2.

When will the new iPhones be presented? The conference, which will be broadcast live as usual all over the world, could arrive much sooner than expected. Here’s what we know.

iPhone 11 presentation: date, pre-orders and release

The rumor on the alleged date of official presentation of the new iPhone 11 comes directly from the beta of iOS 13, the new version of the operating system dedicated to iPhone (and iPad, which this year will be able to opt for the new iPad OS ).

The clue is contained within a screen that apparently seems to illustrate a simple functionality of the calendar app (that is, that dedicated to the consultation of days and months and to appointments on the agenda). The date contained in the app icon corresponds to Tuesday 10 September, a decidedly non-random choice.

The offending screen, containing the alleged official presentation date

It is not the first time in fact that Apple hides the official presentation date within this type of stratagem: a similar modality had been used last year for the presentation of the new iPhone Xs, Xs Max and XR. Furthermore, the date in question seems to be in line with the timing set by Cupertino (last year the conference with the current models was scheduled for 12 September).

By tradition, Apple also tends to always organize the press conferences of the new iPhones on Tuesday or Wednesday, and even here the hypothesis would seem to be clearly confirmed.

Taking into account September 10th as the date of presentation, the day that will be confirmed or denied following the official invitations to the press, it is possible to identify an opening of the pre-orders a few days later, 12 or 13 September, with availability for sale and release officially for Friday 20th September (ten days after the conference).

The new iPhone 11 will come in three different versions, two top-of-the-range models and one in the economic range destined to inherit and expand the features of the XR model. Further details, such as the list price, will be revealed only during the presentation. Will it really miss so little?

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