iPhone: red and curly hair among the new emojis with iOS 12.1

The latest update for iPhone and iPad will make people with red, curly, white and bald hair happy. Here are all 70 new emojis coming with iOS 12.1

iPhone with more emoji: the popular and cute smiley faces to be included in our posts increase, thanks to the latest update for iOS 12.

The new update of iOS 12, which allowed Apple to solve some problems reported by users, brings with it a little news perhaps not noticed by everyone: the presence of more than 70 new emoji to enrich the keyboard park of our devices.

Many new icons, funny and unique, will increase our communication possibilities from mobile: here are what they are and how to have them on our iOS devices.

iPhone: how to get the new emojis

To get hold of the new emoji you need to update your iPhone to iOS 12.0.1: attention, even if you have already updated to iOS 12 in fact you need this new patch to find the new emoji in your device’s keyboard. To update, just a few simple steps are enough:

  • from the home screen of your iPhone (or iPad) go to “Settings”;
  • scroll through your menu up to “General”;
  • select the second item “Software Update”;
  • after your device has searched for the update, download it;
  • to be installed, the update will require at least 50% of available battery (in case, recharged or, even better, updated keeping the device on charge;
  • click on “Install Now” and wait for the end of the installation procedure.

At this point, the new emoji will appear directly in your keyboard (whether you use it for iMessage or for WhatsApp, Messenger or other applications).

Emoji more and more universal

There are more than 70 new emojis available for iPhone with iOS 12.0.1 installed.
So many to list them all, and discover it will be up to you users. But among the most interesting emoji brought by the update we find some new “emoticons and people” with red, curly, gray and even bald characters.

In Apple’s intent there is in fact to provide through the emoji a global representation to users, aimed at everyone from all over the world.

As for the “sports”, emoji contained under the heading “activity”, we find the frisbee, lacrosse and softball, climbing, the compass and the trekking boot for mountain lovers.

News also for the voice “animals and nature”, with the cute kangaroo, the parrot, the peacock and the swan, the mosquito and the blade.

An update increasingly aimed at a multi-ethnic society, which also adds numerous icons dedicated to Chinese New Year.

All the new emojis have been designed and created starting from the guidelines of Unicode 11.0, with which Apple is collaborating to implement other icons in the course of 2019: the new emojis will include the theme of disability, additional skin tones available, and many others foods and objects typical of various cultures and ethnic groups. Waiting for next year, run to update your iOS keyboard with the new funny emoji.

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