Apple : here are new iPad Pro, MacBook Air and Mini 2018

Apple has just officially presented the new iPad Pro, with Face ID and without frames, and the new generation of MacBook Air and MacBook Mini: all the details.

Apple has confirmed all rumors: today’s event live from New York ended officially revealing the new line of iPad Pro and the new MacBook Air.

Presenting the event from the Brooklyn Academy of Music Tim Cook, introduced by a video dedicated to Apple devices and the city of New York. An enthusiastic audience composed of experts and journalists invited from all over the world, confirming Apple as a leader in the presentation of its products. Here are all the news presented by Apple.

The new MacBook Air 2018

The presentation was opened by an introduction dedicated to the Mac: the most creative Apple product according to Tim Cook who presented the new device with a video in black and white dedicated to the popular Apple laptop. After talking about the new operating system, illustrating the various new features, Apple CEO introduced the new MacBook Air: third version of the most popular Apple laptop.

The following features:

  • the display size will be 11.3 inches, 4 million pixels (corresponding to four times the resolution of the old Macbook Air) and 48% more definition;
  • even more compact shapes thanks to the thinner frames (15.6 mm in thickness and 1.2 kg in weight;
  • third-generation keyboard with butterfly keys (similar to that of Macbook), Force Touch Trackpad 20% larger than in the past and Touch ID;
  • 25% more enhanced audio than ever before thanks to two 25% more powerful side speakers;
  • two USB Type-C inputs;
  • 8th generation Intel i5 CPU with 16GB of RAM and 1TB SSD memory;
  • battery able to cover one day of use (with 13 hours of autonomy in internet browsing);
  • 8 GB RAM and 128 GB of memory at $1,199, pre-sales open today and on sale from November 7
  • Three new colors: silver, sidereal gray and gold.

Each new Mac will also be produced with recycled aluminium only, confirming Apple’s green commitment and making the new MacBook Air the most environmentally friendly ever.

iPad Pro 2018: prices and features

Tim Cook called iPad a “magic piece of glass”, emphasizing the large number of sales for the beloved Apple tablet (over 400 million sales compared to all the world’s PC notebooks).
Apple presented the new iPad Pro, confirming the rumors we had already reported.


  • LCD display (not OLED, probably still too expensive to be carried on such large portable displays) 12 and 12.9 inches, (smaller than the previous Pro line, reduced thanks to the thin frames of 25%);
  • Face ID can be used in all modes (vertical and horizontal) and Gesture as on iPhone X and above;
  • Confirmed the replacement of the traditional lightning port with USB-C and the possibility to recharge the iPhone by connecting it to the iPad;
  • True HD 7 megapixel front camera,
  • new Apple Magnetic Pencil able to stick to the tablet when not used (which will recharge it) and the possibility of including an incision on the device;
  • Bionic A12X processor (enhanced version of the one mounted in the latest iPhone Xs / Xs Max and XR), with CPUs providing 92% better performance than commercially available PCs and 1000 times faster than the older generation of iPad (with a graphic power, according to what revealed by the presentation, equal to the XBOX One S);
  • battery able to guarantee a day of autonomy;
  • 1 TB of CPU memory and best product ever created for augmented reality (according to Apple).
  • Three memory cuts: 64, 256, 512 GB and 1 TB.

Prices starting from 899 dollars for the 12-inch version and 1019 dollars for the 12.9-inch version. Second generation Apple Pencil for sale at 135 dollars. Colors available in silver and sidereal gray. Pre-orders open today and official availability from 7 November.

MacBook Mini

New generation of MacBook Mini, both 4-core and 6-core, five times more powerful than before, with faster performance guaranteed, up to 64GB of RAM (which winks to Macbook Pro), four times faster compared to the past, improved security and 2 TB and 30, Ethernet connectivity, 4 Thunderbolt ports, two traditional USB.

An irreplaceable ally for creators, priced starting from 799 dollars and orders starting today with delivery from 7 November. Here too, 60% of aluminium and recycled plastic for its production.

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