A problem that often afflicts iPhone owners and that of the sudden stop of the device. Despite the famous iPhone by rekindling after a few seconds, it is still an inconvenience that can annoy the user; so in this article we will see why iPhone suddenly turns off.

Causes for which iPhone turns off suddenly

There are several factors for which an iPhone turns itself off, from battery calibration to an update problem. Before thinking about replacing the battery, there are some attempts that can solve this problem without the latter being replaced.

Solutions for iPhone that suddenly turns off

Very often the crash of an Apple device is not just about the battery, that’s why we’ll show you three simple steps that will allow you to solve the problem.

Hard reset

One of the first attempts to solve the problem is to perform a hard reset of the device. Before making a hard reset of the device, it is advisable to make a backup of the data on the iPhone, so as not to risk losing something during this procedure. Once backed up, you can safely start the hard reset procedure.

To start this procedure you will have to continue in different ways depending on the model of iPhone you have; if your device is an iPhone 7 or newer, you’ll have to press the Power and Volume Down keys at the same time, and if you have an iPhone 6s or older, you’ll have to press the Power and Home keys simultaneously. In both cases you will have to keep pressing until the screen becomes dark, then the Apple logo will appear. Once this is done, the procedure will be completed. In case, after the hard reset, the problem recurs, then you must proceed with one of the other two methods.

iOS update

Another cause for which your device could behave abnormally is the firmware update, present on your device; in fact the latter could be incorrect or incomplete. To solve this problem, without having to delete all the data on your Apple device, you can use the Dr.Fone Toolkit iOS System Repair software, which is installed directly on the iPhone.

Once the app is installed and started, you will need to access the “Repair” function, and then connect the smartphone to your PC or Mac via USB cable. After that, on the screen of your terminal you will see a screen appear in which you have to do is click on “Next” and follow the procedure in which you will have to select the model of your iPhone, so you install the correct version of iOS on your device. After installation, your smartphone will reboot and you will see if the procedure was successful or not.

Battery problems

If your iPhone turns off due to the depletion of the charge, try to reload it. If, after connecting the charger to your smartphone, on the screen of the latter appears the battery totally or partially already charged, then the problem depends on something else. Despite this, leave the device in charge for at least an hour; if the latter is unchanged or not recharged at all, try replacing the cable or charger.


An additional reason why your iPhone may suddenly turn off is related to iTunes features; in fact, through the latter, it is possible to update or restore the device. In order to use the features of iTunes, the latter must be installed on your PC or Mac; at this point you will just have to do is connect your iPhone to the computer with iTunes active. After making a backup of the data on the device, you will have to click on the “Reset iPhone” button and wait for the restore to complete. Once this procedure is completed, keep your iPhone under constant control so that you can understand if the problem has been solved or not.


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