How to use Instagram Web, the version of the app for PC: here’s how to upload photos and how to use it to watch stories totally in hidden way. All you need to know.
Instagram from PC: how it works and tricks to upload photos

Maybe not everyone knows this, but you can use Instagram from a PC. The popular application is used primarily by smartphones, but there is also a Web/desktop version that is useful when the app does not work or to do things like watching stories without being noticed.

How Instagram on PC works to upload photos, stories and videos or to explore the feed is an issue that has long interested users. Unlike other popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook (and therefore also Messenger), Instagram is in fact the most limited without a mobile app, and it becomes essential to understand how to use it from your computer if you do not have a smartphone to layout. In this guide you will find everything you need to know about Instagram from PC.

How Instagram from PC works

By necessity or curiosity you have decided to use Instagram from a computer. The first thing you need to do is go to From here you can either sign up or log in via Facebook or with your credentials (by clicking on Have an account? Log in ).

Once logged in you can view the news feed with photos posted by friends and pages that follow, put Likes to posts, leave comments, follow new accounts or unfollow.

In addition, Instagram web offers the possibility to embed photos and posts on other social media and on their sites or blogs, by clicking on the three-point icon located under each photo on the display screen.

This use of the Instagram web from your PC allows you to change the settings of the user profile, but not the photo publishing. At the top right of the page you can edit any account data, from the name, to the reference email, to the phone number, as well as to the password.

Also you can use the search bar at the top to search for specific users or to search for photos shared with the hashtags that interest us, you can see the likes received in the top icon in the shape of a little heart and you can explore new users to follow by clicking on the compass of the Explore function.

Instagram: how to upload photos from a PC

With Instagram Web you can not upload photos or videos: the version of Instagram for PC does not allow you to see even the Stories and Direct. It is practically the most static version of the social network compared to the more dynamic and complete version of the app version.

To upload photos and videos on Instagram from your computer there are, however, tricks and tools – both free and paid – created specifically to take advantage of the “advanced” features of Instagram, and see what they are.

Socialgest is a social media manager that among the various platforms also supports Instagram and allows you to post photos from your PC. In its free version, however, has a limitation: you can not upload more than one photo a day.

There are also extensions, available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which meet the needs Instagrammer, such as User-Agent Switcher, which makes the browser believe to be on iPhone, iPad or Android device and once installed allows you to use Instagram from PC as if you were on a mobile app.

Instagram PC with Gramblr

As we have seen, the online version of Instagram therefore presents an important limitation, that of not being able to share photos or videos as we are used to doing on mobile. To do this, as if we were on the phone, you need to use reliable tools to download on your PC.

There is an application for Windows PC and for Mac OS X that presents itself just as possible between the photo and video material present on the computer and Instagram. It’s called Gramblr and it’s a free software. Once downloaded and installed you need to create an account, then you are required to log in with your Instagram credentials.

The entry Upload Now! allows you to choose the photo or video you want to publish on Instagram directly from the files on your computer. Then there is the Crop and Sharp function to edit the image or video, after which you have to save the photo and access Apply Some Filters to choose the filters to put to the photo. After writing a title and a comment with Write a Caption and Send, you choose to publish the photo, to send it as a direct message with Immediately and then with the Send button! is published on Instagram by PC.

In summary, this program allows you to use Instagram on your PC even if there is no official option, and for this reason we do not recommend its use because the Instagram database does not reward users who use such escamotage, often obscuring hashtags. In general we follow the good rule that if Instagram allows you to upload photos and videos only on Instagram mobile app, it is good to use it only in this traditional way.

Instagram PC with BlueStacks

Similar to Gramblr there is BlueStacks, which is not only useful for Instagram as it is an Android emulator for PC and Mac. Once installed the program, you can choose which Android application to run on your PC, in this case you will choose Instagram.

To use it you need a Google account, and only after installation you can log in to your Instagram account where to choose whether to take pictures from your PC or from Dropbox. Subsequently, the image editing proceeds very similar to the one described above, and the same applies to the publication.

Also in this case the use of BlueStacks is not recommended even if it allows to use Instagram for PC.


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