How do I know if someone has blocked on you Skype 2019

The Skype does not inform a user if it was blocked by some contact, at least not directly. Still, instant messenger and video-calling software from Microsoft gives you some tips, which can be helpful in finding out if that person you have not talked to for some time has not put you “on time.”

How do I know if I got blocked on Skype

How do I know if I got blocked on Skype?

Skype does not inform the user that it has been blocked by somebody, but leaves some tips behind, which can be useful to identify if this happened or not.

When you open Skype (whether on iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac), access a specific contact. Verify that one or more of these situations apply:

  • The avatar (photo) of the user has been replaced by a Skype standard;
  • The status of the user not appear for you (there is no information “online” or “last seen in days”);
  • In previous versions, Skype may display a “This contact has not shared contact details with you” message in a user’s profile;
  • Text messages are not sent;
  • Links are not completed.

With a combination of two or more situations described in the list above, chances are that you were blocked by the contact in question. However, there is a net and sure method to check on a case-by-case basis, but it does involve the definitive removal of the contact from your list.

  1. Right-click on the Skype contact you want to block, and then on View Profile;
  2. Write down the user’s Skype name before proceeding;
  3. Click Chat Settings, then Delete Skype Conversation;
  4. In the next window, click Delete;
  5. Go back to the previous window, and click Remove from the contact list;
  6. In the next window, click Remove.
    The contact will disappear from your list.
  7. In the Skype search field, search for the Skype name of the user you have removed. If Skype does not find him, it’s because you’ve been blocked.

This way, you will be guaranteed that the contact in question has blocked you, but unfortunately, you will not be able to re-add him to your list. That does not make any difference anyway.

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