Best Websites for Microsoft 98-366 Certification Exam

The Microsoft 98-366 (Networking Fundamentals) certification exam is designed to evaluate the candidate’s skills and knowledge of basic networking concepts. Earning this certificate is an excellent springboard to the Microsoft Technology Associate credential. Those professionals who are taking this test are interested in establishing their expertise in fundamental networking skills and knowledge. It is recommended that you have a strong foundational knowledge in the topics of the certification exam. The candidates are also advised to have an understanding of the concepts and technologies highlighted in the exam objectives. There are many training resources that are available to help you through the process of preparing for the test. In addition to the knowledge of networking fundamentals, the students are also required to have hands-on experience with Windows based networking, Windows Server, networking management tools, names resolution process, network protocols and topologies, TCP/IP, and DNS.

The 98-366 exam is offered in the English language and focuses on Windows Server 2008. There are some skills that will be measured during this test and it is required that the candidates understand the concepts of these skills. The individuals taking this exam must have an understanding of network infrastructure, network hardware, and protocols and services. Each of these topics also has subtopics that the test takers are expected to study. To learn all about these topics and subtopics of the certification exam, it is recommended that you go through the official Microsoft webpage:

When preparing for the 98-366 Networking Fundamentals, it is recommended that you go through a training course to get you prepared for the test. There are many websites that offer training courses to the candidates to prepare them for this Microsoft exam and you can choose any of them to have an effective preparation. In this certification guide, we look at some top websites that you can consider for your prep.

  • CBT Nuggets

This platform offers networking video training that covers the various networking fundamentals using Microsoft technology, such as switches, LANS, and many more. To take this training course, it is recommended that you have some skills in networking concepts. For the individuals planning to start a career in the IT industry, the Microsoft 98-366 exam is the perfect place to start. The MTA credential shows your employer that you have the skills required to install and implement basic networks. It also proves that you have the fundamental knowledge needed for high level network administration. Taking the certification at CBT Nuggets helps you explore how to create excellent network design and describe how network equipment and wireless networking function. At the end of the training course, you would have been fully prepared to write the exam and be confident about your skills in performing basic server implementation for an organizational department or a small business.

  • Udemy

This website offers you comprehensive video training courses for your exam preparation. The training consists of five hours on-demand video, full lifetime access, two articles, and mobile and TV access. The training course is designed to provide the students with extensive details of the exam content. The individuals taking the course at Udemy will be able to accomplish the following at the end of the training:

  • Understand various network topologies
  • Understand the VPN concepts
  • Describe how firewalls function
  • Apply security concepts
  • Configure small office router or switch
  • Construct basic wireless settings
  • Carry out basic sub-netting
  • Understand OSI model
  • Carry out basic troubleshooting tasks

To sign up for this course, the candidate must have basic knowledge in the IT field and willingness and openness to learn new things. To visit this platform, follow the link:

  • Exam-Labs

This online platform offers the test takers several practice tests to prepare for their 98-366 certification exam. The practice tests on this platform are designed to help you get all necessary information about the test. All questions and answers on this website are regularly updated to give you the real resources you need to pass the exam. You don’t have to worry about using outdated materials on this platform. All resources are up to date and verified by professionals in the industry to ensure that you have the perfect tool to ace your certification exam. Exam-Labs resource tools are accessible through the mobile devices, so you can take the practice test anywhere and anytime of the day. You can also download and print the practice questions and answer if you love studying with physical materials. If you are looking for the most up-to-date practice questions for the Microsoft 98-366 certification exam, this platform is one of the websites to check:

  • MeasureUp

The practice test offered by MeasureUp is designed to help the candidates prepare for the Microsoft 98-366 certification exam. It is aimed to offer the test takers an assessment of their skills and knowledge on the fundamentals of networking concepts. MeasureUp practice tests also act as a tool of preparation for other MTA certification tests. The applicants taking this exam want to validate their fundamental networking skills and knowledge. The candidates are required to have solid basic knowledge of the outlined topics and subtopics of the certification exam. One way to get familiar with these is to take some practice tests and MeasureUp is one of the best websites to make it.


The above websites are reputable platforms where you can access the resource materials you need for your exam preparation. It is important to note that all these sites are paid-for ones. Therefore, before you make use of the tools on these platforms, you will be required to register and make some payment. There are other free platforms online that offer resources for your exam preparation. However, if you want the best tool for your study, it is recommended that you invest some money into getting training materials.


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