How to Know When a Contact is Online on WhatsApp with Detailed Schedules

WhatsDog for Android allows you to know when a contact accesses WhatsApp with the detail of all the hours and minutes in which it is connected to WhatsApp and it was online and available

WhatsDog lets you know when a contact is online on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messaging app in the world and since it is used by many people it is very likely that all your friends have installed it and use it constantly.

WhatsApp among the many features available does not let you know when a contact is online by sending you a notification or tracing the online/offline times but for this we can help WhatsDog which is an application for Android that allows you to monitor the online status of our WhatsApp contacts.

In practice we will know every time a contact has made access to WhatsApp during the day, memorizing all the times in which the person followed is connected and disconnected from WhatsApp so as to know exactly the activity of a specific contact. We will know the exact time of entry and exit of a user from the chat and be notified whenever this happens.

The nice thing WhatsDog works even if the contact you want to spy on WhatsApp has blocked you, hides the last access or has an iPhone, because with WhatsDog you can check the same when a user is online.

Main features WhatsDog

  • Access to WhatsDog also by choosing from one of your Google accounts.
  • Access control and WhatsApp online time of a phone number.
  • You will receive notifications on your phone every time the chosen contact is online.
  • There will be a button to open WhatsApp from WhatsDog.
  • List of all recent entrances and exits from WhatsApp.
  • Simple and intuitive calendar to see the chronology of WhatsApp entries and exits.
  • Statistics and level of dependence on WhatsApp of the chosen contact.
  • Control panel to choose the settings (you can choose to activate/deactivate the vibration, cancel the receipt of notifications and even remove the advertising by registering and paying a small fee).

You can download the latest version of WhatsDog by clicking on the following link as it was removed from the Google Play Store and then you have to download the APK file and install it with a common file Manager for Android like Astro or File Expert HD:

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