Looking for games that take up little space on the cell phone? Contrary to what many people think, there are a number of games that take up less than 50 MB, but are very good and fun. There are titles from different genres, from race to first person shooting.

10 games that take up little space in the cell phone [less than 50 MB]

10 games that take up little space on the cell phone

Note: Game size refers to the Android version.

Asphalt Nitro

Incredibly, there is an Asphalt series title as well. Available for Android, Asphalt Nitro (35 MB) brings a lot of cars and tracks, and eight game modes, including the Police Foga, present only in the first game of the series.

Asphalt Nitro is free.

Zombie Frontier

Available for iPhone and Android, in Zombie Frontier (19.8 MB) your mission is to exterminate legions of the undead and stay safe for as long as possible. The game has a system of progression and upgrade of weapons, and various types of zombies (from the weakest to the baddies).

Zombie Frontier is free.

Glow Hockey

Available for iPhone and AndroidGlow Hockey (24.7 MB) is a full-featured neon version of the classic hockey table (or air hockey) that can be found in gaming houses. Here, the goal is to beat the computer in very colorful scenarios with realistic physics. Although easy to play, defeating the opponent is another story.

Glow Hockey is free.


This is a very curious game. Available for iPhone and Android, in Mekorama (only 5.2 MB) your mission is to help a small robot solve puzzles in 50 three-dimensional stages. It also has an editing mode where players can create internships and share them with the community.

Mekorama is free.


Available for iPhone and Android, Prizefighters (47.4 MB) is a boxing game inspired by the Punch-Out !! series. You can play against another player over the internet, or enjoy the career mode, which does not depend on an active connection to work. And you have complete freedom to customize your fighter.

Prizefighters is free.


Small (only 43 MB) and challenging, on Stack ( iPhone, Android ) you should stack as many blocks as you can. It sounds simple at first, but the speed increases as you progress, and the area to put the blocks gets smaller and smaller. It’s a test of patience.

Stack is free.

Radiant Defense

Available for iPhone and AndroidRadiant Defense (16.6 MB) is a somewhat different Tower Defense style game. You must first build a fortress with a route, where hordes of aliens must pass, and then position weapons to eliminate them. All this with pretty graphics.

Radiant Defense is free.

Basketball Shoot

Another example of games that take up little space (only 8.6 MB) in Basketball Shoot ( iPhoneAndroid ) you need to aim at the basketball basket, similar to the gameplay of the classic Angry Birds. Here, your amount of balls is limited, and you should always seek to make more points using the least of them.

Basketball Shoot is free.

Modern Sniper

Available for Android, Modern Sniper (10.7 MB) puts you in the shoes of an elite sniper whose mission is to eliminate your targets from a great distance. There are 50 different missions, with objectives ranging from a single target, or several of them at one stage. And it’s another great example of games that take up little space.

Modern Sniper is free.


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