How to make group video calls with WhatsApp

Reading this article you will understand how you can make group video calls with WhatsApp. simply with a few words. The group video calls on WhatsApp were announced at the F8 conference on May 1st and now the option is ready to be released to the first Apple and Android users.

Is this new option already available on your Whatsapp? Read on to find out how to know and how to make group video calls with WhatsApp. Once again, WABetaInfo keeps us updated with the latest news on WhatsApp, with their latest tweet talking to us about the new video calling feature of WhatsApp group.

The feature has been released for a limited number of iOS users with the app updated to version 2.18.52 and for beta users on Android with version 2.18.145.

To be able to videocall multiple contacts at the same time on Android with Whatsapp, you must then make sure you have the app updated to version 2.18.52. That’s how:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Go to Help> About the app

How to make group video calls with WhatsApp

The use of this new function is very simple. Simply select one of the contacts to which you want to make a video call, make the call by clicking on the camera icon, then press the icon to add new contacts.

At the moment the function is only available to some users (unfortunately, despite being a beta tester, the group video calls with Whatsapp are not yet available on my account) but the release of the new version will start very soon!

We have just finished talking about how to make group video calls with WhatsApp. Is the feature already available in your account? Do you let us know in the comments?


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