Messenger: Chat update with soft colors, how it works

Messenger is updated to the fourth version: the Facebook app is updated by introducing chats with soft colors and a new look.

A new update for Messenger, the Facebook instant messaging app changes its appearance to version number four, bringing some substantial changes, such as shaded chat colors.

Messenger is the app to chat with Facebook contacts perfectly integrated with the social network, with conversations organized in parallel to those contained in the platform created by Mark Zuckerberg.

For some years now, Messenger has become the official app for conversations, from smartphones and tablets, on Facebook, replacing the old chat in the app. During the various updates, the application has changed face integrating new features such as stickers (with always new sets) and GIF, as already happens on WhatsApp. Let’s see together what changes and how to update the application.

Facebook Messenger: how to update and what changes

The first insider reports on the new Messenger update date back to a month ago and now the upgrade is available for both iOS and Android downloads.

If the update does not happen automatically, you just look for it in the appropriate section inside your smartphone and start the download: once done, the app will warn you with a special message that illustrates the new features.

The first thing that catches the eye is the new look of Messenger: a new internal interface, simplified compared to the previous version. At the bottom, in the lower bar, there are now only three buttons related to the chats, contacts and the “Explore” function.

The first section is dedicated to open conversations, not very different from how it appeared in the past except for the new design given to the menus and windows (with a general presence of bold font to make everything clearer and more fluid).

The second tab called “Contacts“, most likely accompanied by a number, contains all the stories of their friends and the list of all those available online.

Finally, the “Explore” function allows you to access more easily all the other options: suggested pages and games gathered in an orderly manner and at your fingertips.

Messenger: chat with soft colors

In addition to the new and more structured graphics, the update of Messenger seems also aimed at customization, on which Facebook seems to point a lot (as demonstrated by the next update dedicated to music).

Now you can also apply the shaded color of the chat, so you can customize even more the app and chromatic order the clouds of the various conversations: not just names then, but specific colors for each group or contact.

To change the color of the messages, using the new color shades you simply have to: access the settings of your conversation by clicking on the name of the contact or group, select color and choose which shade to give to your conversation window. Currently five shades are available : pink/light bluegreen/yellowpurple/ redorange/yellow, light blue/water green.

In addition to this, the update to the fourth version of Messenger will also introduce the deletion of text messages, audio, or photos sent up to ten minutes after forwarding.

Have you updated the app but do not notice any changes? Do not worry: for now, the release of new features and new layout is taking place via the internal Facebook server, going to include all users gradually. The operation will be completed within a few days, but in the meantime you can check to have already received it by accessing the app.

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