How to view desktop version of a site in safari on iPhone or iPad

Although some sites work well on mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, sometimes we need to access restricted features only on the default version. Opening a website on an iPhone and iPad is almost sure to load a view adapted to the mobile of a virtual store, for example. So, here’s how to navigate the desktop version of websites, even using an Apple device.

1. Open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad;

2. Enter the url in the address bar of some website that you want to view the desktop version and touch to go;

3. Wait for the site to load. Now touch and hold your finger on the icon to refresh the page (located in the upper right corner of the browser) for a few seconds;

4. In the box that opens, tap on the “Desktop Version” option that appears;

5. Wait for the site to be reloaded. When you’re done, you’ll already be browsing the full desktop version of the site.

Important: The feature apparently only works when opening a website in Safari. In the test of Teknologya, it was not possible to reproduce the same steps in other browsers, like Chrome or Firefox, for example. It is also worth mentioning that the steps above applies to both iPhone and iPad.

Is it worth using the mobile version of a website?

Some people may still have some resistance to mobile sites. Especially considering them “incomplete”. Unlike the somewhat troublesome start of this process, when sites began to mobilize their pages, nowadays, in general, mobile versions are better optimized for agile and more intuitive navigation. This can be a facilitator in the day-to-day running, when one does not always have a computer on hand.

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