Children on Internet must be protected and content monitored: here’s how to monitor children’s activities on smartphones, tablets, Macs, Windows and GPS.

It is justified the concern of all parents for the use of the Internet from smartphones, PCs and tablets by their child: for this it is important to know how to monitor their children and their activities on the Internet.

The web is such a big world that children can encounter sites, information, videos and images that parents do not want to be seen by their children.

The good news: there are many ways to monitor and monitor the Internet activities of your child using smartphones, PCs and tablets. It goes from the internal settings of the device, to software born just to protect children on the web and GPS trackers, to always know where your child is.

Parents have the right to know what their children are doing with a digital device, be it a smartphone, a tablet or a PC, to take care of and monitor their activities and control what children can see and use.

The key is to enter and activate controls, limitations and rules on your device, so that both parents and children are safe and have clear what is right to do and not do in the era of technology and smartphone phones for everyone, even of very young children.

Parental Control

First of all, smartphones, tablets and computers for use by the family and children most probably have the famous “parental control” among their options, or the limitations and rules that parents can insert to protect their children.
You can block access to the Internet altogether, or activate certain filters on certain sites.
Since each device has different settings, the best thing to do is to read the “control” and “censorship” entries of each smartphone, tablet or PC operating system that will be used by the children in the family.

Here are some tools for monitoring, checking or limiting the amount (and quality) of time for children’s use of smartphones, PCs and tablets, monitoring of software or applications used and much more.

  • Windows PC – Child Activity Control

    When you create a child-specific account, you have the option to activate the “Family Safety” settings for your family.
    Family Safety allows you to monitor the time and/or use of your child’s account, block certain applications or websites, and receive weekly reports that summarize all the activities of that specific account.

  • Mac, Apple – Child Activity Control

    If your parents and your child use separate Mac computers, you can share screens, as well as activate Parental Control.Log in as an administrator on the Mac using your child’s credential, go to “sharing preferences” and click on “Screen sharing”.
    Continue and go to “allow access for” and choose the administrators. When using your Mac, just go to search and choose “Network” to see the activities performed on the Mac by your child. Click on “Share screen” to access the list of all activities.

  • Paid software

    You can purchase to monitor children’s access and activities on your computer and on the internet.
    These software allow different levels of censorship, depending on the age of the children and the “house rules”. Intego, for example, performs this function on Macs, Verity by NCH for other popular computers.

  • Tablet – Child Activity Control

    Each tablet has its own parental control settings, which work similarly to the operating system settings corresponding to the above computers.

  • Smartphone – Child Activity Control

    If your child owns a smartphone, backing up your phone’s content on your PC or Mac is a good idea. In this way, you will be able to see what applications are being used on the phone, and you will be able to see the calls and text messages sent by your child.
    Be sure to activate the basic security features, as well as any additional restrictions you may wish to add, before the child starts using the phone.

GPS position, trackers – Activity check for children

  • Life360
    Shows a map that indicates the exact location of each family member, and also allows all members of the family to communicate with each other.It’s free and works with iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.
  • Securafone
    This app allows parents to set limits on a map, and are warned if their children cross borders. There is also an alarm button that children can press to immediately call a parent or authorities in case of problems.
    It’s free, works on iPhone and Android.

Finally, as a parent, you can always try to spend less time on your Facebook profile or gossip sites, to live an experience on the latest generation devices together with the whole family.

The best advice to monitor and monitor children’s activities on smartphones, tablets and computers is just one: check and limit yourself first.
And self-control is always free.


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